Hounds are among the most well-known and one of the definitive groups of dogs that have been around from the very beginning. They are the first hunting dogs assisting humans since the medieval era, or maybe even before that.

The first thing to understand about hounds is that they are an extremely diverse group with unique physical and behavioral traits. They can be divided into two groups based on their hunting habits, with the rest remaining in a third, general group.

Sighthounds: As the name suggests, these hounds rely on their sharp eyesight to spot prey and then chase after them using their super-speed. These include the Afghan hound and whippet.

Scent hounds: Again, as suggested by the name, these hounds have an excellent sense of smell that they employ to hunt their prey. These include the beagle and coonhound.

The rest: Except for the two above groups, it is difficult to put these breeds into specific boxes based on their characteristics. So, unless a breed is a sighthound or a scent hound, it falls into this third category.

Hounds do make the best pets, but only for the right owner. So make sure you learn about the specific breed before becoming a parent to one.

Types of Hound Dogs

List of All Types of Hound Dogs


Q.1. How big do hounds get?

And. Today’s hounds vary greatly in both size and weight, with a lot of miniature versions of the larger breeds out there. The Irish wolfhound is considered the largest breed, with the males reaching almost 3 feet in height and weighing over 150 pounds. On the other hand, the dachshund is one of the smaller breeds with miniature varieties.

Q.2. Why do hounds have long ears?

Ans. Scent hounds often have long, floppy ears that are believed to help them catch scents off the air, funneling them directly to their nose. Sighthounds have much smaller ears.

Q.3. Do hounds bark a lot?

Ans. As they were originally bred as animals meant to hunt in packs with humans, hounds do howl a lot, which is referred to as ‘baying’. During hunting, they bay to stay connected to the rest of the pack and alert them of the whereabouts of their prey. And as a pet or companion dog, they still tend to howl a lot, resulting in noise complaints.

Q.4. Are hounds good family dogs?

Ans. Though they are not suitable for living in apartments and smaller spaces, hounds can make excellent family dogs because of their sociable and loyal nature. Basset hounds, beagles, and dachshunds are a few hound breeds that make good family pets with proper training and care.

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