Pointers are small to medium gun dogs that do exactly what their name says — they point where the game is. The most easily recognized characteristic of a pointer is the way it stands motionless with its head ‘pointing’ toward the game and one front paw lifted in the air. This helps the hunter to know where the game is to be found and then take the next measures to flush and shoot.

Pointers are one of the main hunting dogs, with the 30 or so breeds today being some of the smartest dogs out there. Though people still train pointers for hunting, these adorable dogs mostly play the role of a doting family dog in a loving household. They are some of the gentlest and most loyal dogs you could have for a pet.

They have a natural disposition to point, so even if they are not actively involved in hunting, it is not unusual to find a pointer taking the classic pointing stance. Here is a list of the dog breeds that point:

List of The Types of Pointer Dog Breeds

In the United Kingdom, pointers and setters are considered a single sub-group of the gun dog group.

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