Water Dogs

Water dogs are small to medium hunting dogs within the gun dog group. They were originally bred to assist hunters by flushing game and retrieving them from water. In fact, they are considered to be the original ancestors of modern-day retriever dogs.

True to their name, these dogs are fond of swimming, with their waterproof coats being one of their characteristic features. Water dogs have been around since ancient times, when mariners used them to pass messages between boats and to retrieve objects if anything fell overboard.

Long-haired water dogs often have their coats clipped in a traditional way where it is cut short to reduce drag and increase their swimming speed. The long hairs are retained only around the torso to protect the dog from thermal shock when it gets into cold water. This characteristic look earned them the nickname ‘lion dogs’ from ancient Romans.

Many of these dogs make good pets and family dogs, having gained popularity for their playfulness and loyalty.

List of All the Water Dog Breeds

Water Dog Breeds

The English Water Spaniel and Tweed Water Spaniel are two extinct water dog breeds.

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