Livestock Guardian Dogs

Livestock guardian dogs are bred and trained to protect livestock. They are a type of working dog that lives as a farm dog and protect a herd of livestock as its full-time member.

A livestock guardian dog is usually blended with a flock or herd as a member from a very early age. As a result, it develops a natural protective instinct towards the herd and actively guards them. When faced with a threat, the dog first barks and growls to try and drive it off, attacking only if necessary.

Also referred to as LGD, they are trained to identify threats and act independently to take care of the situation without any order from a human.

Most of these are large breeds of dogs, many weighing around 100 lbs. Their size and weight help them protect a herd from larger intruders. They usually don’t do well with strangers, whether humans or dogs (or any other animal) and consider them a threat. Since these dogs can ‘think’ for themselves, they need much attention and socialization during training.

Types of Livestock Guardian Dog BreedsList of Livestock Guard Dog Breeds

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