Accessibility strives to make its contents accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities or limitations; constantly updating the site’s plugins and template in order to ensure a seamless user experience for all visitors. However, if any accessibility issues arise while browsing the website please don’t hesitate contact us immediately at semproz at aol dot com ,we promise we’ll work quickly so you can continue accessing our content with ease!

About 101dogbreeds – Accessible Website

Everyone deserves an enjoyable online experience, and that’s exactly what accessible websites provide. These user-friendly sites are available 24/7 to accommodate users with disabilities or difficulty navigating technology – making sure everyone has a chance to take advantage of the content and services offered on it. Accessible sites let people browse quickly and comfortably – because everyone should be able enjoy their time spent surfing! offers an inclusive experience with features like One Click Accessibility, which helps to make the site compliant with W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA for all users. The plugin allows accessibility options.

Wondering what you can do to make your digital experience more accessible? With just a few clicks, transform the readability of text on your screen with options such as enlarging it, switching its gray shade or highlight links. Choose between different contrasts and backgrounds while selecting from an array of fonts – all available in one handy accessibility menu!

Skip the mouse and take control of your surfing experience with keyboard commands! Pressing “TAB” allows you to easily navigate between webpages, while CTRL + increases font size for enhanced viewing. Want a smaller text? Give CTRL – a try instead. We’ve tested it all out on Windows & OSX systems using Internet Explorer, Safari Chrome and Firefox – so feel free to explore without worries about compatibility issues!

Site development Notification: It should be noted that while updating the plugin versions that are accessible on the site, it does not always work properly, during a malfunction it did not work for several hours.

Having an accessible website is a legal requirement we take seriously. If you experience any difficulty with the content on our page, let us know by sending us a direct email at: semproz at aol dot com and including the link to the affected page – that way, we can investigate further and do whatever adjustments are necessary according to our abilities!

Page Last Update 14th June 2023

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