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Shiloh Nevada, the author and admin of 101Dogbreeds.com, graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Nevada is an ardent lover of dogs, and adopted more than a dozen since childhood. He is a voracious reader and loves traveling around the world in quest for new things.


We love dogs. And we have dedicated this site to the magnificent creation called ‘Dog’ – “man’s best friend” – and its ‘man’ – the owners and the lovers, keeping in mind the millions of dog lovers. Our motto is to bring to you all the information and resources A-Z, starting from adopting a new puppy, to feeding it, training it, bringing it up, along with all info related to all breeds of dogs. We need you beside us, as we look forward to be the best pet-dog resource over the internet.


We do rely upon all the popular dog registries and the kennel clubs like AKC etc. in order to bring you the latest information about official dog standards. For the rest of the practical information and suggestions related to feeding, training, pet care, etc., we try to keep all our data 100 percent accurate by consulting the authentic breeders who have sound knowledge on each breed. We also consult many experienced dog owners and consider their suggestions, as also some good dog researchers who have joined hands with us. We try to keep all the information factually true and genuine, to the best of our knowledge.

Editorial Policy

We publish what we believe is proven. The information in our articles is not influenced by any advertiser, sponsor or organization.

Funding Sources

There is no organization or company behind 101Dogbreeds.com that would fund or influence the content on the website. 101Dogbreeds.com receives revenues from Google Adsense.

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