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Podenco Canario (Canarian Warren Hound)


Macy Gen Veterinary Assistant Macy Gen
Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Podenco Canario, indigenous to the Canary Islands is a hunting dog, mainly used for tracking down rabbits. This slender-bodied, medium sized, athletic breed is characterized by a longish, wedge-shaped head, big pointed ears, small-sized almond-shaped eyes, prominent muzzle, long, muscular neck, straight and strong back, as well as a pointed, curved tail which is generally hanging, but attains a sickle shape rising to its back when it gets excited. Its great hunting skills, as well as friendly nature, makes it a great house pet.

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Quick Information

Other namesCanarian Warren Hound, Canary Islands Warren Hound
CoatShort and dense
ColorRed, white, combination of red, white and brown
GroupHounds, Sighthounds
Lifespan/ Life Expectancy11 to13 years
Height21-25 inches
Weight44 to 55 lb
Litter sizeApproximately 6
Behavioral Characteristics Playful, gentle, enthusiastic, smart
Good with childrenYes when raised with them
Shedding (Does it shed)Average
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationFCI, UKC
CountryCanary Islands, Spain

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Podenco Canario is said to be in the list of ancient canines that may be the descendants of the Egyptian and African breeds which were found along the coastal regions of Iberian Peninsula. Certain sources stated that it existed for over 7000 years, though its presence in the Canary Islands has been recorded only 500 years back. Since the time it developed it had been used for hunting rabbits which were considered to be a pest by the people dwelling in this island. Since the population of the rabbits did not decline much even after they were hunted, the utility of this breed reduced to a great extent. Being a rare breed it has attained recognition from the Spanish Kennel Club, FCI, and UKC (sighthound), though AKC has not acknowledged it yet.


Though they have high energy levels and are also playful, the Podenco Canario is quiet and calm. They would bond well with the members of their family and even share a good rapport with children provided especially if brought up with them. They have a reserved attitude with strangers, warning their masters by barking at the sight of an intruder, a quality that makes them a good watchdog. Though they may mingle with other canines of the family mainly if socialized to deal with them, it is better not to keep these dogs alongside smaller pets since they have a high prey drive.



These smart dogs require a lot of physical and mental activities, lest they may get bored, resorting to destructive activities. They thrive well in households with a big, spacious yard, rather than apartments. If not put on any hunting job, you need to take it on a long walk at least twice a day. It may even accompany you for jogging. However, make sure you leash it, or it may be on the run the moment it sees a rabbit or any other small game.


Being an average shedder, it needs to be brushed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis using a bristled brush or even rub it with a chamois to maintain the shine of its skin. Other hygiene measures include cleaning its ears and eyes using a damp cloth, brushing its teeth as well as trimming its nails.

Health Problems

Though a healthy and hardy breed, the Podenco Canario is known to suffer from an ovotesticular or testicular disorder, where the female puppies might develop testes in place of ovaries after being born.


Though these dogs are cooperative, they would need a firm trainer who would tactfully guide them.

  • Socialize the Podenco Canario puppies by acquainting him with different types of people, places, sounds, and experiences, so that they would gradually be able to distinguish a friend from a foe.
  • Give them obedience training so that they may learn to follow your commands since their puppy days and stop doing anything undesirable the moment they hear your voice. If your Podenco Canario tends to break through at the sight of prey, pull his leash gently and firmly say “Stop”. You may even want to avoid places that excite it the most or also feed your pet well before taking it out so that it may be too full to go after any prey.
  • Leash training is a must since they are great chasers, and anything on the move may excite them.


You may feed your Podenco Canario with 2.5 -3.5 cups dried food dog. You can also include a homemade diet alongside the dog food to maintain its nutritional requirements. However, do not overfeed it as it might result in obesity.

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