Black and White Dogs

Dogs with a black and white coat are an absolute pleasure to watch. The adorable Dalmatian with black spots on its white body or the fluffy, teddy bear-like Japanese Chin would certainly win all hearts with their appealing looks and pleasant disposition.

Black and White Dogs

List of Black and White Dog Breeds

The dogs mentioned here are predominantly black and white. They may have an entirely black or white body with markings of any one of these colors on their face, paws, or tail.

Those enlisted here have all been recognized by major kennel clubs such as AKCUKC, and FCI.

Small Black and White Dogs

Medium Sized Black and White Dogs

Big Black and White Dogs

Black and White Crosses Not Recognized by Major Registries

The dogs mentioned here are designer breeds, developed by crossing prominent purebreds like Poodle, HavanesePomeranian, and Chihuahua.

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