Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are a group of dog breeds developed and bred with the purpose of helping humans in hunting. The use of trained dogs for hunting has been common worldwide. Their history goes a long way back as they have been hunting alongside humans since the medieval age.

Modern hunting dogs are classified into 5 types: hounds, gun dogs, terriers, feists, and laikas. The popular breed dachshund is also a hunting dog, sometimes included in the hound group.

Today, most of them make the list of the most popular breeds to have as pets. Dogs like the Irish setter, Weimaraner, Chesapeake Bay retriever, and golden retriever are some of the best options for family dogs for their loving, loyal disposition.Types of Hunting Dog Breeds

List of the Best Hunting Dog Breeds

Large Hunting Dogs

Naturally, a larger dog will be better able to take care of the duties of a hunting dog. So, the best hunting dogs are all medium to large in size:

Medium Hunting Dogs

Smaller Breeds That Make Good Hunting Dogs

These breeds do not let their size come in the way of who they really are. They use their excellent sense of smell and hearing to find, flush, and retrieve game as hunting dogs.

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