Hairless Dogs

As is already obvious from the name, hairless dogs are just that, dog breeds that have little to no hair on their body. They don’t need frequent shampooing and any brushing. What they lack in hair, they make up for with their amazing personalities and affectionate nature. So, there’s much more to these hairless dogs than just their lessened grooming needs.

The hairlessness of these breeds is attributed to certain genes they inherit from their parents and ancestors. It means they are naturally hairless, and not because of some health condition or other.

As you probably have guessed, these dogs are considered hypoallergenic as they don’t have any hair to shed and produce little to no dander. However, people with allergies to dog saliva may still find it difficult to have a dog as a pet, even a hairless one.

Hairless Dog Breed Types

Types of Hairless Dogs

Small Hairless Dogs

Medium Hairless Dogs

Big Hairless Dogs


Q.1. Do hairless dogs get fleas?

Ans. Yes, hairless dogs can get fleas, but due to the lack of hair, it becomes way easier to detect and treat the problem before it gets any worse.

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