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  1. Zapporah says:

    Mine is a pit-mix and I think that’s the best combo for the average owner. Mine is very relaxed in the home, happy to sleep the day away and very good with cats as she was raised with them. However, she can also have lots of energy when needed. She loves fetch and going on trail rides with the horses. She’s also very eager to please.

    Her only negatives have mostly to do with socialization. I thought I had socialized her enough but in hindsight, I’d liked to have done more. As the article says, she is very happy with her close family but would rather not interact with strangers. People have to put a lot of work in to befriend her. But no growling, just a stand-off-ish pose. I have even had kids come up and tackle her. She whined but never bit or growled. Her only other fault is barking through the fence, which she’s very protective of. But, as we live in the country, we’re happy to let her protect the fence line.

    She’s now becoming a world traveler as well!

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