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The lean, long-legged Sloughi (pronunciation: Sloo-ghee) is a breed of medium- to large-sized dogs indigenous to some North African countries. A robust, athletic hound with grace and class, the Sloughi is treasured for its speed, endurance, and hunting skills.
It has a long wedge-shaped, refined head with large, dark eyes, and medium-sized drooping ears; flat, slightly curved ribs with moderately wide chest; short, straight back, lean, slightly arched loin, and a somewhat angular shape with a tucked up belly.

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Quick Information

Alternative namesSlougui, Arabischer Windhund, Levrier Marocain, Arabian Sighthound, Arabian Greyhound, Sloughi Moghrebi
CoatShort, dense, smooth, without an undercoat
ColorLight-sand/red-sand/mahogany/red; may have black ears, mask, mantle, brindled pattern, and a white patch on the chest
Breed TypePurebred
Group of BreedHound, Sighthound
Lifespan10-15 years
WeightMales: 55-65 lb
Females: 35-50 lb
Size/HeightMedium; males: 26.4-28.3 inches
females: 24-26.7 inches
Size of Litter4-8 puppies
TemperamentNoble, reserved, loyal, intelligent, friendly
Good with ChildrenYes
BarkingExcessive when nervous or fearful
Country Originated inAlgeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationSFAA, UKC, NZKC, AKC, ACA, FCI, DRA, ANKC, ASLA, KCGB, DRA, KC (UK), SCCM, NAPR

Video: Sloughi Dogs Running and Chasing


The Sloughi is believed to be an ancient breed, mentioned in many historical books including Al Mansur’s 13th-century written the account. In fact, old fragments of ancient earthenware depicted a short-haired sighthound that resembled a Sloughi.

Used as hunting dogs by chiefs and kings, the breeders made sure that the hounds were of pure blood. The owners would travel a great distance to find the right mating partner for the female Sloughis. Originally, two kinds of Sloughis were bred including the larger mountain-type and the smaller desert-type.

Recent DNA analysis has highlighted that these sighthounds are genetically unique, and they have some traits in common with the Nguni, Sica, and Basenji, indicating that their ancestors may have lived thousands of years ago. It became an AKC-recognized breed in January 2016.

Temperament and Behavior

Known to be affectionate with its people, the Sloughi is calm and quiet indoors, often seen lying on soft bedding, blankets, and rugs. However, it is cautious with strangers, emitting loud barks if it feels that there is an intrusion in its territory.

Although it gels with older kids and accepts the presence of household animals it grows up with, the sighthound is not an ideal match for families with toddlers who do not know how to interact with a dog. Its inherent curiosity, independence, and stubborn nature could be overwhelming for an inexperienced dog owner. Moreover, it has a strong chasing instinct, further triggered by a small, fast-moving object.



Being energetic and agile, the Sloughis love plenty of activity and mental stimulation. Taking them out for a walk on a leash, as well as jogging, racing, and romping in a spacious yard will make them happy. Owners should never let their Sloughis off-lead except in enclosed areas.


These dogs need minimum grooming since their fur is usually clean, and they do not have any specific odor except when they are wet. Mud and dirt fall off easily once their fur dries. A grooming glove or rubber brush can be used to remove their dead hairs.

Health Problems

The Sloughis are affected by a few genetic issues including Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Scientists have studied their blood sample and started the research work to eradicate PRA from their gene pool. They are also sensitive to vaccines, anesthetics, and deworming drugs. While undergoing routine treatments, do not give them medications in succession.


  • When you bring a puppy home, you can start socializing. Heading to the dog park and watching other canines run, play, and interact will help your dog in making new acquaintances. Moreover, you can invite friends to come over to your house and ask them to give treats along with petting your Sloughi affectionately. In this way, your pet dog will get accustomed to being touched by your guests.
  • Since the Sloughis have an inherent prey drive, you need to challenge their instinctual behavior so that it becomes a “play” instead of a “hunt.” If you see your pet chasing a squirrel, cat, or a small dog in the yard, you can bring a leftover steak, hot dog, or piece of chicken and hide it in the hand. Once it catches the scent of the treat, its attention will shift from the prey. Put its leash on and then provide the treat. Wait until it relaxes, and then bring your Sloughi into the house.


An adult Sloughi should be given four meals a day including quality dry dog food. A small amount of cottage cheese, cooked eggs, fruits, and vegetables can form a part of its regular diet.

Interesting Facts

  • The Sloughi has a feather-light gait with moderate strides.

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  1. John Seears says:

    Why is this being called an Arabian Greyhound when it has nothing to do with Arabian countries they have their Saluki .This dog is indigenous to North Africa .It should be called a North African Greyhound

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