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Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes

Dogs can eat sweet potatoes in moderate amounts as they are richly loaded with essential nutrients... 

Can dogs Eat Star Fruit

Eating star fruits is NOT recommended for dogs as it may severely affect its kidney even if consumed... 

Can Dogs Eat Candy

Your four-legged friend may wag in delight at the sight of a candy. But, should you submit to... 

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temp King Shepherd

King Shepherd is a designer breed of dog, developed by crossing the German Shepherd,... 

temp Norfolk Terrier

A compact little versatile dog, the Norfolk Terrier was bred to assist in hunting... 

temp Kromfohrlander

The Kromfohrlander (pronunciation: KROHM-fore-lahn-dair) is a breed of medium-sized... 

temp Smooth Fox Terrier

The Smooth Fox Terrier (pronunciation: Smooth fahks TAIR-ee-Uhr) is a breed of medium-sized... 


temp Norfolk Terrier

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temp Sato Dog


temp King Shepherd

Hybrid Dogs

temp Pungsan Dog