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  1. Suzanne Churchill says:

    I LOVED this description of bassets. they are very funny. I have recently adopted a basset so it was very useful-he fits your description exactly. he is a quarter spaniel and jet black, but has all the charecteristics of a basset.

  2. Helene Morowski says:

    I would live to own a basset hound start him from a puppy they are beautiful dogs and good with kids it would be perfect for my husband & I anyway I will keep looking ! 😎

  3. Em says:

    Where can I purchase booties for our 70 lb, 12 year old Basset. Her front paws are continually infected, inflamed. She, of course, doesn’t walk much, but would like her a little more comfortable if she had shoes to protect and soften her feet. She has been on multiple doses of antibiotics and Chlorhex foot baths (sometimes twice a day) and nothing helps, especially after she returns from a nail trim at vet. (We cannot trim and think they are too harsh in holding foot!)

    • admin says:

      Hi Em,
      Dog booties, available in many styles and made from different materials, are designed for protecting their feet from weather extremities and injuries. You can buy these shoes for your Basset either online or from the shoe stores in your locality.

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