Black Dogs

Dogs that are black may often be overlooked and preferred less than their light-colored counterparts when it comes to adopting them from shelters. This aspect was highlighted in a study conducted by psychologist Stanley Coren which showed that black Labradors are not considered as friendly as the colored ones. However, looks can be deceptive, and one could certainly not ignore the elegance and charm of these gorgeous pooches that can be lovable as any other dogs.

List of Black Dog Breeds

The dogs mentioned here could either be all black or have markings of white, tan, brown, or any other shade on their chest, face, paws, and tail. The list below excludes designer dogs, only comprising of breeds recognized by prominent registries like AKCUKC, and FCI.

Small Black Dogs

Medium Black Dogs

Big Black Dogs

Black Dog Breeds Not Recognized by Major Registries

Did You Know

  • A black Rottweiler made its appearance in the popular 1998-American film Black Dog.
  • Cane Corso, a giant-sized black dog breed has been a part of many paintings including a work of Bartolomeo Pinelli.

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