Black Dogs

Dogs that are black may often be overlooked and preferred less than their light-colored counterparts, especially when it comes to adopting from shelters. This aspect was highlighted in a study conducted by psychologist Stanley Coren which showed that black Labradors are not considered as friendly as the other colors.

It might be due to certain folklore that associates black dogs with the Devil as an omen of death, leading to a certain prejudice against them. However, the truth remains that black dogs are just as lovable and loyal as their other colored counterparts. And a black-coated dog would be just as gorgeous (if not more) as any other color.

List of Black Dog Breeds

The dogs mentioned here could either be all black or have markings of white, tan, brown, or any other shade on their chest, face, paws, and tail. The list below excludes designer dogs, only comprising breeds recognized by prominent registries like AKC, UKC, and FCI.

Small Black Dogs

Medium Black Dogs

Big Black Dogs

Black Dog Breeds Not Recognized by Major Registries

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