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The Drever is a Swedish breed of short-legged dogs developed from the German hounds, called Westphalian Dachsbracke. These hounds are usually kept for hunting deer and foxes in Sweden, Finland, and northern Norway.

Drever Pictures

Quick Information

Other NamesSwedish Dachsbracke
CoatThick, close-fitting, flat
ColorTricolor (red, black, tan), brindle, red, black and white, some white on neck, face, chest, and tail tip
Breed TypeCrossbreed
CategoryHound, Scenthound
LifespanAbout 15 years
Weight35-40 lbs
Height13-15 inches
Size of Litter4-9 puppies
TemperamentLoyal, playful, easy going, gentle, bold
Good with ChildrenYes
BarkingLoud, when hunting
Country Originated inSweden
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationACR, ACA, APRI, AKC/FSS, CKC, FCI, NKC, DRA

Video: Roe Deer Hunting with a Drever


During the early 1900s, Swedish breeders wanted to raise a hunting dog that could adjust to their native terrain and game. In 1910, Westphalian Dachsbracke dogs were brought to Sweden and crossed with local hounds. Since the cross was slightly larger than its Westphalian parent, it was necessary to name this new variety of Dachsbracke. Owing to its natural ability to drive foxes, deer, and other wild animals towards the hunter, the name Drever was selected through a newspaper contest held in 1947. In the same year, the Swedish Kennel Club recognized it as a distinct breed.

Temperament and Behavior

The Drever, known for constantly wagging its tail, is characterized by calm, friendly, and alert disposition. Neither aggressive nor shy, it loves human companionship and enjoys hanging out with its people. As a talented scenthound, it uses its exceptional sense of smell to trail game or quarry. Being a natural hunting breed, some individuals may like to dig.

Owing to its characteristic short legs and long body, the Drever can move slowly, maneuver its body, and chase a nervous quarry across the heavy snow. When following the scent trail of a large prey like wild boar, the Swedish Dachsbracke circles the game, dodges it, and barks incessantly to warn the hunter.



Being an active dog with incredible stamina, Drevers enjoy outdoor exercises like regular walking, biking, and hiking. They love any challenging activity that stimulates their hunting abilities. You can set up a scent trail or hide some treat-filled toys in the yard and let your Drever sniff those out.


Its smooth-haired coat is easily maintained, requiring a daily rubdown with a moist cloth. Since it does shed some hair, an occasional brushing will help in removing loose fur.

Health Problems

Drevers are remarkably sturdy and sound dogs that do not have any breed-specific health issues.


Developed to be tenacious and stubborn on the hunt, the Drever needs firm, consistent training.

Obedience Training: Since Drevers usually have the tendency to be independent and self-sufficient while working away from their owner, you need to motivate your pet to respond to the “come” command. Hold a pouch full of treats and attach the long line to your dog’s collar. Then start training on a shortened part of the long line. If your pet responds to your “come” command, reward it with treats. This will teach your Drever that coming when called results in pursuing all the interesting smell around it.

Stop digging behavior: Be sure to keep interesting dog toys filled with treats in the yard so that your pet would be busy when alone. Your Drever may dig to try and catch burrowing insects or animals living in the yard. If you see any indication of burrowing animals, fence them out by using safe methods.


A diet with high fat and low protein content helps improve performance when hunting. Essential fats such as fish oil or chicken fat and animal-based sources of protein like fish, eggs, and meat are a healthy addition to their diet.

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