Lap Dogs

Lap dogs are adorable small dogs that fit comfortably into a person’s lap.

You may have noticed how many portraits of Italian Royalty often feature an adorable puppy nestling in the laps of queens, princesses, and sometimes even the kings. That should help you understand the classic definition of a lap dog.

The term does not refer to any particular breed, as any dog with a small size and specific personality can qualify as one.

What Makes a Good ‘Lap Dog’

Since a lap dog needs to fit into your lap, its size is the first factor to take into account. Typical lap dogs are petite, with pugs being one of the largest breeds to be counted as lap dogs.

The next thing to consider is that the dog must want to stay in your lap all afternoon or even all day long if you are available. And they should have a calm disposition. That’s why small dogs with an independent nature would not make good lap dogs. That’s why, despite being two of the most popular lap dogs, breeds like Chihuahua and Papillon might be a little too active and full of energy for some to handle.

Since an ideal lap dog would love to stay in your arms (or lap) all the time, it goes without saying that these would be the breeds that do not do well if left alone for long periods. Some might even become downright destructive if you leave them home alone as you go out for the whole day.

Remember, even though these dogs are pretty suitable for smaller living spaces, they still need exercise. Cuddling on the couch all day would not do any good to you or your little friend.

Best Types of Lap Dogs

Since it is not just about the size but also their nature, a couple of big breeds would gladly occupy your lap for hours, no matter how little comfortable it would be for you. These include the ‘gentle giant’ Great Dane, along with breeds like St. Bernard, Bernese mountain dog, Newfoundland, and mastiff.

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