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Polish Hound


Jags Goldie
Last updated: 22nd October 2022

The Polish Hound is an old-established medium-sized hunting dog breed native to Poland. Characterized by a strong, sleek, and athletic body with a broad and muscular back, these hounds have been used for hunting foxes, roe deer, wild boars, hares, and ducks.
They have a rectangular outline, with their body length being slightly larger than their height at the withers. These dogs possess a broad skull with a well-defined stop, medium-length muscular neck, elongated muzzle, strong jaws, large and wide noses, and pendulous ears that are set quite low.

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Quick Information

Alternative namesOgar Polski
CoatShort/medium, thick, smooth/hard; longer fur on nape, back, and tail; soft and dense undercoat
ColorBrown and tan, red and black, black and tan; white markings are also seen
Breed TypePurebred
Group of BreedHound, Scent hound
Lifespan13-14 years
WeightMale: 55-70.5 lb
Female: 44-57.5 lb
Size/HeightMedium; 22-22.5 inches
Size of LitterMaximum of 14 puppies
TemperamentGentle, calm, loyal, courageous, intelligent
Good with ChildrenYes
BarkingQuite vocal
Country Originated inPoland
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationFCI, UKC, DRA

Video: Ogar Polski Dogs Training


The origin of the Polish Hound is not clear, as several historical written accounts dating from the 14th-18th centuries mention that these dogs were specifically bred by the noble families for hunting.

Many notable historians including F.B. Laska believed that these scent hounds are the descendants of the Kostroma Hound or the Hound of Tartars while others thought that it was produced by crossing the St Hubert Hound with the local hounds.

Jan Szytier also referred to these hunting dogs in his 19th-century book, Poradnik Myśliwych. As the Polish Hounds’ population decreased after the Second World War, several efforts to increase their numbers led to the development of a light-boned type and a heavy-boned type, which was acknowledged by the FCI in 1966.

Temperament and Behavior

Like most scent hounds, the Polish Hound is known for its stamina, excellent sense of smell, and brave disposition. Capable of quickly acclimatizing to different settings, it can chase and hunt the game on a variety of terrains. It typically gives a loud bark while chasing its prey, the males in a low-pitched and the females in a high-pitched voice respectively.

Apart from its hunting nature, the Ogar Polski makes an excellent family companion.

This hound, having a stable personality, is friendly towards its family members and makes a great playmate for children. Moreover, it gets along well with other animals in its household.

However, it is wary of unknown people and will sound a loud bark if anyone tries to intrude its domain.



Since it is an energetic breed, a Polish Hound thrives on regular activities. It should be taken out for a minimum of an hour’s walk so that your canine companion can be healthy, balanced, and happy. A few opportunities to jog or play fetch will also be enjoyed by your pet.


When it comes to grooming its coat, brush it on a couple of occasions every week to prevent dead hairs from being deposited on your furniture and clothes. If it gets smelly or dirty, bathe it using a mild dog-shampoo. Check for injuries if your dog goes hunting or chasing game regularly. A quick brushing will help in removing any thorns or prickly seeds that might cling to its fur.

Health Problems

The Polish Hound is a healthy breed with no known specific health issues. However, you should take your pet to the vet 2-3 times a year in order to look out for the ailments that are common in most breeds.


  • When a stranger is at the door, or someone is passing by your living room window, it is likely that your Polish Hound will start barking wildly in order to alert you to an intruder’s presence. To manage your dog’s behavior, you can first teach the ‘quiet’ instruction in a peaceful environment and then practice in distracting situations until it stops barking when told to.
  • If you want your Ogar Polski to walk steadily past other people and animals without pulling on its leash, you should introduce your dog to the leash at an early age. While getting a leash on, if it becomes wild and jumps around, you should walk away and wait until your Polish Hound calms down.


You can give your Polish Hound a moderate amount of quality dry dog food that is rich in protein.

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