4 responses to “Rampur Greyhound”

  1. Kamalendu Pattnayak says:

    I m looking for a pair of Rampur hounds one male and one female of different bloodlines.

  2. Hamilton says:

    I was extremely happy to meet the breed of dog Rampur Greyhound !!! I like the English greyhound but the Rampur has features that English does not have. I found it more beautiful, with the shape of the head and eyes similar to the Afghan hound, which, in my opinion, is the sighthound with the most beautiful face. I do not like the big eyes and excessively thin muzzle in the English greyhound, however, his muscular body is perfect. So I think Rampur greyhound has put together the best of both races. I wish this breed is more known and spread throughout the world !!! I want one of those. I live in Brazil and we do not have many greyhounds here !!!

  3. Chandrabhan singh says:

    I am looking to acquire a pair. Can someone help me?

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