List of Popular Boxer Mixes

The Boxer mixes make an ideal companion for those looking to have an energetic, family-friendly, intelligent, and easy-to-groom pet. These crosses form close bonds with their family members and enjoy playing with them, but training them using harsh techniques may lead to stubbornness and anxiety.

Boxer Mixes

Bullboxer Pit

1. Bullboxer Pit (American Pit Bull Terrier X Boxer)

A large, powerful, loyal, and protective mix, the Bullboxer Pit requires a responsible and attentive owner who can provide early training.

2. Boxador (Boxer X Labrador Retriever)

The Boxador excels at guarding its family and property, besides being a loyal family companion.

Boxer Shepherd

3. Boxer Shepherd (Boxer X German Shepherd)

It is a large-sized designer dog that is smart, trainable, and athletic.

Bogle Dogs

4. Bogle (Boxer X Beagle)

The Bogle, with its pleasant and playful personality, is gentle and polite towards people with whom it has been acquainted.

5. Bulloxer (American Bulldog X Boxer)

Also called the Bull Boxer, the Bulldog Boxer mix has a sweet demeanor and likes to stay close to its people.


6. Boxsky (Boxer X Siberian Husky)

Its loyalty, affection, and cheerful disposition make it a delightful addition to the family.


7. Boxmas (Boxer X Mastiff)

It has the propensity to become a one-person dog, which can be curbed with early training and socialization.


8. Box-a-Pug (Boxer X Pug)

It is a small- to medium-sized designer dog that not just snuggles up next to its owner but also makes a good watchdog.


9. Boxweiler (Boxer X Rottweiler)

The Boxweiler is a large, muscular dog that needs plenty of activity, and thus may not adapt to apartment living.


10. Boxane (Boxer X Great Dane)

A reasonably active dog, the Boxane makes an excellent walking companion.

Boston Boxer

11. Boston Boxer (Boston Terrier X Boxer)

Friendly, playful, and intelligent, the Boston Boxer is known for its loving personality.

12. Boxachi (Boxer X Chihuahua)

It is alert and courageous while being good at watching and guarding its people.

Boxer Basset

13. Boxer Basset (Boxer X Basset Hound)

Its fun-loving, friendly, and loyal personality makes it an excellent housemate.

14. Boxerdoodle (Boxer X Poodle)

The Boxerdoodle generally remains calm and relaxed and can be trained to provide comfort as a therapy dog.

Australian Boxherd

15. Australian Boxherd (Australian Shepherd X Boxer)

It assumes the role of a protector, displaying confidence, courage, and devotion to its family members.


16. Box-a-Shar (Boxer X Shar Pei)

A medium- to large-sized designer dog, the Box-a-Shar needs a fair amount of grooming.


17. Boxerman (Boxer X Doberman Pinscher)

Its large, powerful stature, along with its desire to work and play can be challenging for a novice owner.

Rhodesian Boxer

18. Rhodesian Boxer (Rhodesian Ridgeback X Boxer)

It may have a Ridgeback-like prey drive and should not be trusted with smaller pets.

Box Heeler

19. Box Heeler (Boxer X Blue Heeler)

It inherits the curious and playful nature of a Boxer and enjoys having a work to do like its Blue Heeler parent.


20. Boxapoint (Boxer X German Shorthaired Pointer)

Energetic and athletic like its Pointer parent, the Boxapoint needs an hour of exercise regularly.

French Bulloxer

21. French Bulloxer (French Bulldog X Boxer)

It is characterized by a robust and compact body, along with a cheerful, friendly, devoted personality.

Cane Corxer

22. Cane Corxer (Cane Corso Italiano X Boxer)

A large designer dog, the Cane Corxer is known to be friendly, smart, cheerful, energetic, and playful.

Saint Berxer

23. Saint Berxer (Saint Bernard X Boxer)

It is a smart, affectionate, and protective dog that responds to training.


24. Boxita (Boxer X Akita)

A large, lively, and athletic mix, the Boxita is always willing to work and play.

While the popular mixes are listed above, breeders intentionally produce several designer breeds by crossing Boxers with other purebreds like the Border Collie, English Bulldog, Welsh Corgi, Bullmastiff, Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier, Greyhound, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Plott Hound, Chow Chow, Black Mouth Cur, Great Pyrenees, American Staffordshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, and Basenji.

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