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A cross between the Boxer and the Labrador Retriever, the intelligent and affectionate Boxador inherits most characteristics of its lab parent (although with a larger head), being known for their glossy coat. These voracious gobblers are characterized by large jowls and floppy ears that can hardly resist munching.

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Quick Information

Dog BreedBoxador
CoatShiny, short
ColorBlack, black and tan, brindle, white
Breed TypeCross breed
Group (of Breed)Guard dog, companion dog
Lifespan12 to 15 years
WeightMale: 75-110 pounds, Female: 50-65 pounds
Height/SizeLarge; 60 cm (average)
SheddingSeasonal (summer)
TemperamentPlayful, intelligent, loyal
Good with ChildYes
Health ConcernsBowel, foot and skin issues
Competitive RegistrationACHC, DDKC, DRA, IDCR

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Temperament and Behavior

If you do not quench the boxador’s thirst for merriment, it might damage your goodies, and hence they are not fit for apartment life. However, unlike its boxer parent that might not be too friendly with strangers, it has a calmer disposition and would not bark unnecessarily, enjoying human company with an eagerness to please its owner, and with a separation anxiety out of sheer loyalty. Though they get ‘mischievous’ at times, but are well behaved, if trained to socialize properly. Guarding their owner’s belongings is a part of their natural instinct.



Boxadors would constantly try to eat, and thus gaining weight like the labrador, for which reason, brisk exercise for at least an hour is a must, that might be divided into schedules daily. Allowing them to play in an enclosed yard, taking them out for long walk/jog should also keep them from being mischievous.


Already famous for their glossy coat, they rarely need a bath, unless too untidy. A little brushing of their coat especially during their shedding season – summer, clipping off nails when needed, checking for any allergy/eruption of the skin, ear cavity, under eye are also a part of the grooming schedule.

Health Problems

Although a generally healthy breed, but however, because of their specific allergy to grains they might end up developing syndromes like dermatological irritations, diarrhea (loose motion), stomach-licking or foot-licking etc. If kept alone for long periods of time, they might suffer from boredom or loneliness, affecting their psychological health.


The overly-happy boxadors must be trained to socialize with people and pets and learn dog manners as a puppy, so that they would remain within the limits of sweetness in the family, knowing the rules to remain calm and balanced. Set rules clearly, lead them as the ‘pack leader’ when out for walk or exercise or while imparting obedience training, which these intelligent dogs will pick up effortlessly.


Meat should be the first ingredient, better whole meat like chicken or turkey or red meat. Not meat meal, like ‘chicken meal’. Grains like oats, wheat, rice, barley etc. should be kept far down the diet list. Make sure you never see the words ‘gluten’ or ‘by-product’ in the dog food. A high-quality dry dog food divided into two equal halves during lunch and dinner is recommended. Eating is in the genes of this breed. Hence, their food habits need to be monitored, especially when they are full-grown. The quantity of their daily diet is the same as their parent breeds’.

Interesting Facts

  • The gloss in the coat of the boxador comes from the natural oils present in their body hair.
  • This dog has a tail that is either coiled, or else they are docked.

84 responses to “Boxador”

  1. Reggie says:

    Does anyone know where I can find boxador pups, age 3-6 months, in the Detroit MI are or MI in general?

  2. Paola Zayas says:

    We rescued a beautiful , loving boxador from terrible conditions recently. We do not have the space or time that she needs. She is 5 mths old and is the most loving dog ever . We live in mty Mexico and are willing to help with the arrangements needed if only a good , loving family will want to adopt her.

  3. Jana says:

    I have a 11 month old boxador, had him since he’s been 7 weeks. We’ve kept him on puppy chow since then (I know it has a lot of grains in it which makes him gassy.) he burps and farts a lot but his poop is solid like how it should be. The gassyness is what concerns me, what are some good brands to switch him over to as he’s getting older?

  4. Adrianna herrera says:

    I have a 6 month old boxador puppy named blue and it seems she has dry skin and is shedding bad. to the point to where she’s scratching and biting her hair off due to itchiness. Is this common amongst her breed and what would help. Am i bathing too often or too little. Its red flakey dry skin and I bath her once a month she licks scratches and bites at the area(s).

  5. Stacy says:

    I adopted a 2-3 year old boxador from a rescue. She was found as a stray. We love this huge lap pup. She loves to be petted. If we stop petting her, she paws at our arms as if to say keep going. She is a sweet cuddle bug. I have had her for 8 months and have easily trained her from some bad habits like jumping on us, digging through the trash can. I have taught her to sit, stay, run, walk, heel, shake, lay down, and dance. She is incredibly smart. The only thing I have not been able to kick is the chewing. She has designated toys, bones, antlers, yak sticks. We tried pig ears but that made her sick, and cow hoofs that she just bit and swallowed and threw up. She has eaten tennis shoes, eye glasses, my daughters razor (I have no idea how she got that, it was stuck on a holder on the shower wall). We have taken her to the vet so many times for people things she has chewed. We keep our bedroom/bathroom doors closed, have her toys in 1 spot for her to know wear they are, and have given her treats when she goes to that spot and gets a toy. We don’t crate her because she is claustrophobic. We tried keeping her in my sons large bedroom but she chewed the door frame. We walk her twice a day 2-3 miles each time. We feed her high quality grain free food twice a day before her walks. Has anyone experienced this? Can you offer suggestions? I’m never giving her up! I really would like to stop this behavior before she gets seriously hurt. AND…the vet bills are getting out of control!

    • Missy says:

      My pup is/was the same way. She destroyed two crates and broke a tooth before I got this one for her.
      Pro Select Empire Cage – LARGE
      It’s a bit pricey and looks like a lion cage, but she cannot break out of it and does not hurt herself. It has been a few months, and with consistent training, she is getting better with it. She fusses some while in it, but that has significantly decreased. I began with feeding her in the crate, as well as just sitting near the crate reading a book and having her in there short periods of time. While I would love for her to sleep with me, she also sleeps in the crate. This shows her that it’s ok to be alone.
      One tip I would suggest if you would order this crate is to place the waste collecting pan inside the crate rather than underneath. Laying on the bars caused her to develop rub spots on her elbows. I hope this helps!

    • Carol Abelleira says:

      I have a 2+ year old boxador that I got from the Humana society and you are right about the chewing. She has eatten I dont know how many pairs of eyeglasses and my good shoes and sandals. We have learned to keep the door of our closets closed. I have bought some of those chewy bones and she likes them. The only thing I can say is that she is older now and she seems to be better. It seems to be hard things, my flip flops she never ate. The other day I left my sandals out and was gone for about an 1 1/2 hours and was afraid to walk into my room. I was pleasantly suprised she hadnt touched them.

      I dont know if there is anyway to train them, but time. I would look on google and put in the search, how to train a dog that chews. I tried that, but never followed through. I am hoping as she ages it will get less, which it seems that is what happened. Even though this is not too much help. I dog even chews the plastic water bottles.

      Good Luck, in the meantime keep every thing chewable that they like out of reach.

  6. Paige says:

    I adopted a five year old boxador 4 months ago. We adore him and he’s settled into our home well. He gets two walks a day. One is a brisk 20 minute walk in the morning, and a 45 minute fast walk in the evening (13.5 minute mile walk, so fast for me but maybe not so fast for him!).

    I’m having a really hard time with knowing what to feed him. I’m using a good quality food – American Journey, chicken and sweet potato. I’ve been feeding him 1 1/4 cup for breakfast, 1 cup for lunch, and 1 1/4 cup dinner. He was 108 when we got him, and he’s 115 now! He was a bit too thin when we got him, and now the vet says he’s “okay” but doesn’t want him to gain more. She says he could lose a couple pounds to be just right.

    For a dog this size (he is huge), I can’t see going less than the 3.5 cups he’s getting, and in fact the vet didn’t recommend that. I can’t exercise him more than I am.

    Your article says to feed according to the individual breeds, but neither of those breeds are typically 110 lbs!

    He gets very few dog treats. His main ones are two baby carrots a day and one tbs of pumpkin, and the equivalent of one milk bone for his size, but I buy the small ones and give him 4 of those a day. They equal one larger.

    Other than his two walks, he’s a couch potato. He likes tug of war but gets bored of it after a couple minutes. I live in AZ and have a gravel yard, which is not conducive to him running around on. We rely on his hour (total) walk.

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi Paige,
      For the most part, nutrition and diet regimen for large dogs is quite similar to the medium and smaller dogs, with a few exceptions. Large dogs need to be carefully monitored for signs of obesity, bloat, and orthopedic diseases. The following steps will help reduce the risks of diseases and bloating:

      • Feed multiple meals per day, instead of one heavy meal.
      • Give him foods containing large kibble.
      • Do not give him foods with a high quantity of fat.
      • Avoid exercising him 1-2 hours after mealtime.
  7. Gemma says:

    Myself and my family have a 1year old boxador, she is a nightmare at the minute, she doesn’t like strangers or other pets, (she is great with the family though sometimes way over excited) when we walk her she constantly wants to eat everyone and everything, any hints or tips to help train her? We have only had her about 5 months as we got her from someone who rescued her so any help would be much appreciated.

    • ANB says:

      Gemma my boxador is the same! Walking him was a chore. It has gotten better but I never know who he will want to eat along the way. People are typically fine, some men he just doesn’t like and hardly any other animal can get close. I got him at almost 5 yrs old from someone who rescued him as a puppy. Boy has he come a long way (just turned age 6 this month, May). Repetitive training for over a year has helped. He is less aggressive on walks using the positive reinforcements we learned from an app called Udemy that has dog training classes. Lots of treats and daily training. We bought a vibrate/shock/beep collar that seems to be the most effective on walks. Also learned that exercise and attention is key to bringing the behaviour down. He was acting up for attention. The more I was confident taking him out and correcting the aggression the more he learned what to do/not to do. He still gets in an aggressive stance when another dog is near but at least he isn’t barking and lunging. Although he has come a long way I often feel like giving up because he will never be a dog park, bring around anyone type of dog (from what I’ve been told).

  8. Tracy says:

    I am having a bit of trouble. My Boxador is eight weeks old she is biting a lot I know she’s teething but when I tell her to stop she growls if I hold her in my hand if she wants to get down she bites me we are not aggressive or argumentative in my home and she has this very high temp of it. Any tips on how to trade her also was the best dog foods for this mix breed one last thing she eats very fast is that a problem

    • Tracy says:

      Sorry for the typos. I meant she is very high tempered

      • Katrina Covert says:

        Hi,I went through the same thing. Don’t feel bad they are stubborn when they can’t do what they want. Every time he felt the need to chomp on me I would redirect him to a chew toy and tell him no biting when it comes to me. I even sprayed a bitter taste to my hand to make him stop.It took a while but he is 5 months now and he quit doing it.

      • Theresa Johnson says:

        My boxador is 16 weeks and we went, and are going, through the same thing. She’s my first ever dog and I thought at first something was wrong with her (or me). Many videos and articles on lab and boxer behavior later led me to redirecting with toys. And also using those times to sit on the floor with her and a handful of treats and teach commands (sit, lay down, shake) and patience. She also needs a ton of exercise (at least an hour) of walking everyday plus lots of playing in the house with balls and tuggies. Try Nylabone Healthy Edibles for puppies those were great! Too, like the other poster said…very stubborn!

    • Cathy Machelor says:

      When my Boxador was teething I rubbed butter on my hands and said “licks only” and now if she gets a bit to nippy I just give her that command and it is magic. For these high energy pups and doggies any grain-free high quality food and as she gets older(over 6mo. you could introduce a raw diet supplement like burger or chicken, half-cooked in the beginning as she adjusts. My girl is now 2yrs. and she has kibble on demand and a raw meal with carrot or parsley mixed in–many books on it at any pet supply. Lots of exercise!!

    • Tony says:

      Hey Tracy- We had the EXACT same issues. Ours is now 1. Nearly perfect. The biting stopped at some point and the aggresiveness as well.
      She is so good now that we actually leave her out all day in our house. Does not eat anything. If this dog gets a walk, she is perfect. Enjoy the ride!

  9. Ashlee says:

    I’ve had my boxador for about 6 months now and she don’t like men… We got her from the SPCA and we are trying to break her of it but we don’t know how… She loves my husband and she loves lady’s just not men

  10. Peggy payne says:

    I want to train my Boxador puppy to be the best dog possible help my phone no. Is 2025603992 he is 2 months old.

  11. Tasha Burmood says:

    We are having a litter of boxador, any suggestions on where to register them?

  12. Becky says:

    I just adopted a dog from the local shelter, who the vet thinks is a boxador. My question is, she poops a lot, and it isn’t small (sorry for the TMI, but I don’t know how else to explain it). Is this normal?

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi Becky,
      Thin, long, strip-like poop may suggest a narrowing of the rectum or intestine while an increase in the volume of your dog’s stool may indicate that it is not digesting or absorbing food well. Take a trip to your vet to resolve the issues quickly.

  13. Brenda Taylor says:

    We just got a boxer lab mix and she is 1 year and 6 months old. She is very well behaved, and sometimes she howls when she barks. Is that the lab or boxer in her? We love her, and she knows some training things like sit, give me 5, and shake. She had been a good addition to our family.

  14. Brandon says:

    My Fiance and I have a 4mo boxador. At first eat ate like a mad man then all of a sudden stopped, he starting having stomach issues so we switched to grain free which helped. But now I don’t know what food to get him. He will eat by I have to entice him by sprinkling treats over it. Is there a certain brand or flavor anyone is using, that is grain free, and has been successful with.

    • NATALIE says:

      I don’t know where you’re located, but we give our boxador ACANA dog food. It’s a little pricy, but we’ve been giving it to her since she started having stomach issues with Royal Canin. She’s been on it since she was a pup and haven’t had issues since. We’ve never had to add anything to her kibble, she gobbles it up.

    • Trucia says:

      Hi there I have a hover/lab mix of 10 years. The vet said to take him off of puppy food early but I didn’t and he is 100 pounds! The food is an issue with barrel chested dogs!! Always look for a brand of dog food with meat first not a meat meal product. And always out warm water in their food when serving it as it digests better and won’t cause their stomach to twist (which I believe is common for this breed) anyway we adore our sweet boy and will miss him when it is his time!!

    • Cole says:

      Me and my girlfriend have a 4 month old boxer lab and we had that problem so we put her on the food called “now” pet value has it and she loves it cause it has turkey duck and salmon.

    • Ellen says:

      We just got our 4 mo. boxador we feed her Nature’s best. she loves it very healthy coat and her poop is great. very smart dog. glad we found her.

  15. Mariah Velez says:

    My boxer lab is a year old and she hasn’t started her period yet? Is this normal? I need to get her spayed before she gets to this point..

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      A female Boxador pup will go into heat or start her period once she reaches sexual maturity. In most dogs, it usually occurs between 6-9 months of age but some large breeds can take longer. Consult your vet about your puppy and the ideal time to spay her so that you can plan accordingly.

  16. Traci says:

    I have a seven week old female boxador. I have had her for three weeks do to mother being unable to feed them anymore. She is very smart. She knows her name and basic commands. We are working on house training. I am concerned that she only weighs 8.5 pounds,but she weighed 3.5 pounds when I got her. Is her weight okay?

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Most pups develop rapidly during their first six months, after which growth becomes steady until they reach their adult size and weight. An eight-week-old Boxador puppy is just a fraction of its adult body weight. If you are concerned that your pet’s weight has become unhealthy, talk to a vet about its ideal weight.

  17. C Meyer says:

    My boxer/lab is 10.5 years old, and probably won’t make it another year. From all the messages and images from multiple sites, there appears to be a lot of variance with this mix. Mine didn’t calm down until a few years ago; but I’ll still find things shredded in the yard from time to time. Pros: no health issues, listens off leash, good with kids, didn’t jump fences ( did jump like tigger straight in the air when excited, which happened a lot), awesome dog with other animals, smart, easy to train, loyal, good diet. Cons: verrry active- not a calm dog. Even with walks, he’s destroyed lots of household goods from Christmas trees to dressers to blankets. Even ripped off his dog door and chewed it to bits! Houdini with various crates. Electric fence didn’t work; when he saw excitement he dashed right through. Mine liked to bark at nothing, and had thick black bear claws which grew with the quick and required vet assistance. Shedding was minimal. Oh- people would think he was a pit mix or was mean. Nope! Just muscular.
    Overall, a lot of work, but the best buddy I ever had.

  18. Brenda Ebert says:

    See comment ahead under bren ebert

  19. Bren Ebert says:

    A shelter in the area has a 3 year old female lab/boxer. 52 pounds. Family moving and not taking her along. They have nothing but good things to say about her just not able to have pets where they have located because of job. Can anyone out there give me some feed back in what to look for if I decide to adopt her? Thanks in advance, bren

  20. Mary Kay Cypret says:

    bobbg our stories are very similar on how he obtained our pups. My girls Lacey and Julia were born in February 2016. They were from a litter of 9 to which the mother is a full-blooded boxer and the father is a full-blooded black Labrador. The breeding was accidental so the owners had no intention on selling or keeping any of the pups. My family is so grateful for this because having our two girls has been such a delight. We worried about bringing two pups into the home and if we were going to be able to train them properly. So far it has been fairly simple and I have to say it’s mostly contributed to how intelligent this breed is. One of our girls looks more like the boxer breed while the other looks more like the labrador breed. They both are fawn colored and look very similar, so much so that without their collars on it’s hard to tell them apart. I can usually look at the shape of their nose and that will give it away or the thickness of their tail other than that they are very similar.
    This breed is very energetic and needs to have a lot of exercise and room to run. Thankfully we live on 14 acres and they have plenty of room and space to run . At this phase in their life it’s Full Speed Ahead or completely passed out asleep. They are very affectionate to us as their owners as well as each other.
    They do tend to have separation anxiety when either one of them is out of their site. Recently I decided to take one of them for a ride in my Jeep and spend a little one-on-one time while the other stayed home with my spouse. Needless to say within 30 minutes I had a picture on my phone of the other one sitting in the front seat of my spouses very large truck going for a ride around the neighborhood so that she could come down from her separation anxiety. That did the trick as soon as she got back home she was able to relax.
    We also feed our girls grain-free food. It’s my understanding that the labrador side of the breed tend to sometimes develop skin issues and feeding them grain-free food could help prevent this. I also use an oatmeal based shampoo on their fur that I purchased from the vet and it seems to work quite well.

  21. Denise Cockrell says:

    This is urgent to me! I have a female Boxador. (She will be one year old Dec. 10.) She, along with her mother, my black lab, Gracie, have apparently learned how to climb fences. Yesterday she climbed the fence and bit my neighbor who was walking down the road. My black lab, Gracie, the sweetest dog ever, mated with my son’s boxer, Boss, and are the parents of this dog. She is so sweet with me and my kids and 6 grandchildren. What can I do? Looks like I have to give her up! What can I do?

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      I understand that you are in a very uncomfortable situation with your dog. Since your dog is no more a pup, it might be a little tough for you to train it at home now. In that case, you can immediately seek for professional help before deciding to give her up.
      Best of luck!

    • kurt says:

      I have the same problem I am going to get the electric wireless fence there are several on internet I think that the one I am going to get cost about 250.00 – because of his intelligence I think he will learn very fast to stay in the yard.

  22. Megan wellons says:

    My sister got a boxador male pup and she couldn’t train him so I took him. Well he has the part down not to poop in his cage but not pee and he can’t seem not to understand not to go in the house. He knows when he does he’s in trouble though and runs. I’m not sure how to go about it.

    • Chuck says:

      Megan I have a 4 year old Boxador that I have had since she was 5 weeks old. I never caged her. I left pee pads out and told her they were to potty on. I would take her out in the morning and several times I let her out in the evening. Abi learn very well. She hardy ever uses the pads during the day if I get home from work I let her out. To pee. She has been home 8hours and she wont drink or eat unti I get home. These dogs learn fast. I never use a leash on Abi unless I am taking her to the Vet. In my yard she never runs off. If I had go in she wants to go to. Abi doesnt like for me to be upset with her. I never scream or raise my voice to her. They just want to please. She sometimes poops in the house but I clean it up cause its been my fault for taking to long to get home.

  23. Alicia Lakey says:

    We just had a litter of 10 Boxador puppies born on november 14. We have 1/2 of them claimed by deposit. The other 5 are black and white. 2 males 3 females. They can go to their new homes aftwr January 9.

    • Donna Nicholls says:

      Have all the puppies gone now? We are very interested and are willing to travel for the right pup. Are the parents available to be viewed? Are the parents your own pets? Have they been socialised with children or any other animals? Sorry about the 20 questions..

    • Angel France says:

      Do you have any males that are mostly black? Where are you located?

  24. Teresa Reichard says:

    I also have a boxador it’s a female she just turned 6 months old . Just last week she got spayed she’s beautiful very friendly very intelligent learns very quickly… we paid 125 for she was well worth every penny

  25. Jess Roxie says:

    My puppy is always rubbing her face till it bleeds and scratches her ears and shakes her head
    I’m trying to figure out if it’s Seasonal Allergies or Food allergies
    Any ideas

  26. Dainae says:

    Our Boxador found us. We found her in our pasture a short while after seeing a strange truck backing up down our dirt road (suspicious). Anyway, she is absolutely adorable. She is very receptive to training, has a mild loving manner. We also have an English Shephard puppy, so the two do nothing but run when outside. I think Dori would find things she should not have to amuse herself if it were not for the exercise she gets outside. Thus far she is very accepting of company and children. This dog has stolen my heart!!

  27. Gabriel says:

    Our Boxador “Sep” ,meaning black sweet in our town (‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland) is the result of an accident between a mother boxer and a father old lab.
    The sweetest and most intelligent dog we ever had. In the summertime, when we are on tour in Europe for two months, he stays and plays with his mother, because he can’t stand the heat of southern Europe.
    Born on the 4th of October 2010, here in Holland called “animals-day”, he’s almost six now and as playful as he was as a pup. Strong as almost no other dog and helpful and sweet against all people.

  28. Melanie says:

    My boxador has only been with me for a few months, but he learns so quickly. He is very intelligent and wants to please and love. He loves cuddling and just being near me. He’s never really been around other dogs and is 4 years old, but he learned quickly how to play and be respectful of my little 16 pound yorkie/bichon mix.

  29. David L says:

    We adopted a Boxador who just turned 2, my son drug him home from a barn yard at 7 weeks old, free. GREAT dog, GREAT with kids, adults, other dogs (likes to bark at them) but always friendly with them. Rex, is smart, taught him to sit, stay, lay, shake, one day 30 min, never forgot. Loves jeep rides, I go into store or ???, tell him to stay and when I come out he has usually moved to drivers seat and is waiting, kind of patiently 😉 Thinks he’s a lapdog once in a while, at 80lbs a lapfull. I get tons of comments on his good looks and people asking what kind of dog he is, he kept most of his puppy good looks. By 1 he had taught himself how to open doors from either direction, puts paws on door handle, turns it, then walks backwards to let himself out. When he comes back in if I tell him to close the door he usually does. Could go on and on about Rex.

  30. Melody says:

    Boxers are not mean and dangerous. You are spreading bad information on a wonderful family friendly dog breed. Check your facts.

    • Teresa says:

      Ok,I have a Boxador that we got @ 4 weeks old.Too soon to be away from mom,but the owners did not want them I got a female that is now 5 months old.She learns well but she get very active for about 5 hours no stop.Which is getting to me so what do you suggest we try to calm her down.I am stressed out over this.I have gotten all her shots and fixing to have her spayed next month.Whst type of food Should I give her.I need help with her.

      • kurt says:

        I too have a Boxador that quit frankly was not really prepared for the activity level of this breed. I take him to the dog park and he by far is the most active dog there…. constant. But when time to go home after about 1 hour of constant activity he is much more relaxed at home. I am going to do this exercise with him every other day, I tried walking him around the block but this type of exercise is not near enough. He runs and he runs hard. Never mean, very strong and happy dog that just likes to play…. he is one year old now I have had him for 3 months and the only exercise he received is when he escaped, Also, keep in mind this dog is so strong and powerful he can jump the fence. I love this dog very smart but keep in mind he requires a lot of work.

        • Teresa Lowery says:

          yes my Abby is very strong.We are trying to train her to obey like sit,stay ect. I would like for her to be able to walk by my side when outside walking like at a park. She loves to show us she loves us.She loves to run and will lick you to death.She is a inside puppy.We just put up fence and she loves to be outside running and playing.


    Can anyone suggest where we can get a Boxador puppy, please? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  32. A.Whitcomb says:

    I love my new pup boxador….

    • bobbg says:

      Everyone calls them Boxador, when in fact they are more like LAB-OX’s Lab goofy Oxen!
      Playful funny dogs that just do silly things.

      • Lou nahm says:

        I just got one from pound that I am going to train for a service dog in the two months we have had her she is a rocket siencetist and she learns so fast and is so quick but to learn and move she is a goofball

      • SusieQ says:

        That’s the Boxer genes! :)????

      • bobbg says:

        One more thing one of my 2 is a cuddle bunny. He’s got no problem laying all over you, if you look away you get a kiss, and he likes to lay his head on your shoulder. This isn’t a problem unless someone comes to the door because he runs to it like a dart. and a 65 Lb dog using you for a launching pad can get painful.
        Not to mention laying on the couch farting, or kicking you with his feet or his brother wacking you with his never stopping tail. Snoring or sleep running!
        My dog are ornery they play fetch backwards I throw the ball and have to fetch it from them!
        Its either keep away or drop on his way back. But I almost never get the ball back.
        And they taunt you with it like lay it on your foot while you on the couch and when you grab for it run off with it wagging their tails with what looks like a smile on his face.

  33. Lea Dagg says:

    We have had Boxers and Labs and have often said we wish we could combine the two breeds. We are definitely going to look into getting/rescuing a Boxador. Thank you for the good, succinct info.

  34. Donna says:

    Lol, I have a five year old black boxador,he is my companion ?And he is everything as described and so much more, everyone should be friends with at least one in a lifetime….

  35. anne massey says:

    Would love to have one of these boxer-lab pups. Am 87 and want a dog to love that would not be rough with me. Can you let me know where you are located and how much they cost. Thanks, Anne Massey

    • Chuck says:

      I have had my boxador for 4 years her name is Abi. She looks just like the dog in the pics. She is medium size and weight 65 pounds. A little over weight. I got her at 5 weeks for free from Pennsylvania. She is very
      Intelligent. She would never run away from me. I never use a leash when she goes outside. Abi cant stand to be away from my side. She loves to play ball. Only barks if she heres noises outside. She does get along with other animals as long as I don’t make over them. She is jealous of any doggy around me. Very loyal. My door to my house didn’t shut good and blew open. Abi never left the house only to pee then went back inside to lay on the couch looking out for when I got home from work. She loves to just sit with me on the couch. Abi is a very sweet dog

  36. Anonymous says:

    Very nice summary of the boxer-lab mix. We have such a pup and adore her. The humane society said she was a boxer-lab mix but we weren’t sure. Looking at your photos and description, I’m convinced this is what she is.

    P.S. You might want to change the spelling of “read meat” to “red meat” in the paragraph on feeding.

  37. Kayla fleurant says:

    I am very interested in this breed and was wondering how much they are?

    • bobbg says:

      Mine were Free. The lab owner raised pure breed Lab’s his girlfriend’s female boxer wasn’t spayed he was upset his stud dog mated with her boxer, she had 11 puppies, she gave all but 1 away. We took 2 male dogs one was the runt.
      You talk about 2 strong active dogs. You can walk them and I do all the time, but if they see a bunny all bets are off and your going for a run………… behind 2 fast dogs after a rabbit.
      The Lab was a hunting dog breed for retrieving the boxer is just silly, put those 2 together and you get 2 wild active dogs with a lot of power and agility. But they also love to curl up next to you or lay on you for affection. They always have affection to give out and do as they are told most the time.
      I would not trade them for anything, I’m not getting the boys neutered, but I have no plans on letting them mate with some other dog. for 2 intact male dogs they get along great, but then they are litter mates. They are 3 years old and we know there birth- date. Even at 3 years old we still feed them Puppy food, and they are healthy but that depends on the brand of dog food. This breed shows a lot of ribs and tends to be lean. But they can get very strong, as just one has pulled me to the ground more then once. I normally walk 2 at the same time on the same arm.

      • Debbie says:

        You have just described our Lady. She passed away this week. Our 9 yr. Old daughter is heartbroken. We live in LA and are having no luck in finding another female Boxador. Do you have any ideas?

        • John says:

          There is a couple given them away right now but I live in Corpus Christi ,Tx . So I’m not sure on how serious you are about actually owning one again . I got a male one today he’s good looking . They have 3 more females left as of today . Did I mention there free !

        • Patrick says:

          I’m going to be trying to breed my female boxador soon…hopefully with another boxador or my friends large black lab…but seeking another boxador first…waiting for her second heat

        • Dee says:

          Lots of good Boxador breeder’s in Pacific Northwest…Oregon & Washington area… wonderful breed♡♡

          • Debbie says:

            Are you aware of any good breeders on the east coast? We are looking for a puppy that would be available in the spring.

        • cindy bishop says:

          check your local web sites,community watch,or post on facebook what you are looking for. thats how we found ours,she is now 3mths old and so loved

        • LAUREN PENA says:

          Not sure if you found a visa for but Priceless Pets in Chino hills has 3 boxadors as of Wednesday.

      • Teresa Lowery says:

        I have a 8 month’s old female boxador. We are having trouble training her to obey.
        Any tips on what we can do to train her.

        • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

          Hi Teresa!
          You have not specifically mentioned about the training issues. If you are having trouble teaching your Boxador to respond to basic commands, you can practice the method of rewarding her with treats when she performs her task correctly. Consider enrolling your pup in an obedience class or appointing a private trainer if she becomes difficult to train.

      • Bobbg says:

        Ok it’s been a year longer, my dogs are still intact and they love to walk, I’ve been walking them 3-5 miles a day. A 3-4 mile walk knock them out for most the day, problem is it has the same effect on you. After 1/2 a day of lazy rest they are ready to play. Mine love to play tug of war or keep away, they will chase you or you have to chase them if you want the ball back. They love car rides and if you travel long distance you’ll find these dogs perfect for long trips, they also learn to drink from a bottle of water so stop to let them go and give them a drink mine did ok every 100 miles we drove 4k miles with them like this. They even kept quite in the hotels just like home. They would bark if someone came to the door. Good protection dog for a trip. When you stop for a tinkle and drink walk them some. Don’t be surprised if they try to ride shotgun! I’ve seen one of my 2 dogs try to boot my 35 year old out of the passenger seat for the ac vents.

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