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Last updated: 17th November 2022



Avatar photo Shiloh Nevada
Last updated: 17th November 2022

The Boxachi is a cross between the Boxador and the Chihuahua. They are medium to small dogs that can inherit the small face of the Chihuahua or the somewhat wrinkled face of the Boxador. Boxachis have semi-folded ears, a short muzzle, and round to almond eyes. The legs are short but stoutly built, while the tail is curled upwards.

Boxachi Pictures

Quick Description

Other Names Boxer Chihuahua Mix
Coat Short, glossy, straight
Colors Dark Brown, Light Brown, Tan, Golden, Brindle
Type Watchdog
Group (of Breed) Crossbreed
Lifespan 10 to 15 years
Weight Light
Height (Size) Small to Medium (depending upon the dominating genes from parents)
Personality Traits Affectionate, playful, loyal, active, alert, brave
Good with Children Yes
Good for New/First-time Owners Yes
Shedding Average
Intelligent Yes
Climatic Compatibility Not good with climatic extremities (especially cold)
Hypoallergenic No
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DBR, IDCR

Temperament and Behavior

Much like its parents, the Boxachi is a highly intelligent breed with a clever and alert expression,  and are loyal and fond of their owners and family members. If they are brought up together, they are good with kids and other pets and can mingle with them well.

Not being too adaptable to weather changes, some individuals might bear the heat, but hardly low temperatures. Some Boxachis can be quite active, while others are average. Either way, owing to their short stature, they are suited for apartment life.

Boxachis are courageous, with an innate guarding instinct. They would begin with their loud complaints the moment they find anyone ‘suspicious’ around, a habit that makes them a good watchdog.



Though they are well-suited for apartment life, never skip taking your Boxachi out for a walk or a jog every day, since they love outdoors.


They are moderate shedders, and have a short coat, which makes grooming and maintenance easy. Brush the coat twice a week, but do not trim.

Health Problems

Like most crossbred dogs, they do not have any diseases exclusive to their breed. But do not skip the vaccine dates and visiting the vet annually for a general checkup.


  • Do not yell if your pup barks a lot or too loudly. To train your dog, begin with pressing your doorbell. Give a ‘hush’ gesture if it barks. Once it understands your gesture, give it a pat or a treat. Gradually, your dog will learn to discontinue the connection between the sound of a doorbell and its craving to bark.
  • Start socializing it from the time they are young. Other than for exercise, you can also take them out for shopping, a drive around your neighborhood, strolling through the greens, or visits to a dog park. Pleasant experiences, new places or new faces will help your dog stay calm and balanced.


Considering its small to average stature, 2½ to 3 cups of high-quality dry kibbles would keep them in good health.

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