5 Responses to Pinny-Poo

  1. BEN ROMEY says:

    piny poo are great with kids..fussy eaters….loves parks….hates little critters..drive him crazy

  2. BEN ROMEY says:

    the are good dogs

  3. Leslie says:

    Please don’t go to breeders. There are so many wonderful, wonderful dogs being put down at the pound every day because there just aren’t as many homes as their are dogs. Please consider sharing yours with one of the many deserving dogs that already exist–instead of encouraging people to make more dogs for money, when that causes so much suffering (and death) to other dogs.

  4. Chance McKemie says:

    We are looking for a pinny poo puppy. We just like ours and would like to get the same breed.do you know any breeders or someone will be having pups soon?

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