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  1. Tanya says:

    I got my Cheek when a Longhaired Chihuahua breeder was appalled that her ‘baby’ was knocked up by a Pekingese. She was going to have the litter destroyed! A friend of mine and I found them homes. My little Bam-ee is now 9yra old and a wonderful, loving, entertaining girl! I confess I did not know the lifespan is so short.. Brings tears to my eyes 😔

  2. Kdeily says:

    I rescued one from a designer breeder 3 years ago …fell so in love with the breed I️ looked for another one to Rescue for a year! Finally going my Piper! The two are besties and run my 100 pound Okd English- I’d have a house full if I️ could!

  3. Kathy Dickinson says:

    I rescued the cutest little red Pickachu. She is female and very lovable. Good with children. But is stubborn in here own ways. I was told she is about a year old. She is very loyal and right by me all the time. Loving my choice at the Rowan North Carolina adoption fair. She had just came in as I got there as a surrendered with 7 others from same home. Others were flea infested and hair matted up. Pittiful. Love my Foxie Lady as she looks like a little Foxie.

  4. Dora says:

    Yes i I looking for this breed for my mom really one that looks like this one my moms has passed of old age

  5. Caroline says:

    I lost nmy pet. I looking for special dag, It you can help. thank you.

  6. Lisa says:

    I have had my Buster for 16 years, My Vet said he was at least a year old when I got him. He is still going strong!! Love my little Pekachu!! This article is spot on describing this awesome little superdog.

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