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  1. Terry Mahaney says:

    I’m looking for a schnauzer chihuahua mix ( chizer)
    Where are you located?

  2. Debra Pye says:

    Someone gave me a Chizer puppy! She is adorable. She is wonderful with my two year old dog(a terrier/malteze mix). She is five months and already nine pounds. Do you know how much she will weigh? Sweet and only shy for a second then very friendly to all! I love her!

    • Larry Venable says:

      We have a five year old that we rescued,she weighed 10.5 lbs when we got her, but has put on a pound in the last month. Great dog, big personality; shes learning from our two female mini schnauzers. She doesnt bark ; just like our mini’s don’t (Great!), and she doesn’t ever want to leave my side, or my wife’s side as she’s always on mine or her heel. Perhaps since we rescued her she’ll turn into a 2 person dog, but at night I’ve got her and the two mini’s around me. Good luck!

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