Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce

Fresh and ripe tomatoes are safe for dogs, however the sauce prepared from it, especially the ones available in the market (ketchup, red pasta sauce, etc. ) are not at all a healthy food option for them primarily because of the high acidic content besides other artificial preservatives along with sugar and salt to which most dogs are sensitive.

While giving their pets sardine, many people might go for the ones dipped in tomato sauce that is less nutritious compared to the ones dipped in water which also have a low salt content.

Is tomato sauce bad or harmful for dogs

If your dog has licked onto a small amount of tomato sauce, then it should not be dangerous enough for them. However, having it in increased amounts or on a daily basis might result in digestion problems along with other complexities.

Though tomato sauces in totality can negatively impact the dog’s health, ketchup available in the market do more damage than the pure tomato sauces. In fact, the pure ones are not high in spices and onions, but the ketchup where the tomato is, of course, the main ingredient contains onion, garlic, cinnamon as well as other spices along with an increased amount of salt and sugar, all of which can hurt the canine pets.

Regular inclusion of ketchup in the diet of your four-legged friend is said to be toxic or poisonous to them resulting in allergies or even hemolytic anemia in extreme cases. Moreover, the acidic nature and increased salt content in tomato sauce as mentioned above can dilute the nitrogen in the dog’s urine leading to kidney problems.

Therefore, it is better not to allow dogs to eat tomato sauce, instead provide them with healthy snack options like homemade biscuits or tasty vegetable treats.

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