Can Dogs Eat Candy

Your four-legged friend may wag in delight at the sight of a candy. But, should you submit to its needs? NO. The artificial sweeteners in most candies would affect your dog’s health adversely.

What happens if dogs have candy

Most candies contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener, which can cause immense harm to a dog as it increases the body’s insulin circulation leading to a drop in the sugar levels, also affecting its liver. They even result in h the dog’s metabolism as well as causing their tooth to decay.

How do various types of candies affect a dog’s health

Candy floss or cotton candy: Is high in sugar leading to fluctuating blood sugar levels.

Candy canes: Though its sugar content may be harmful enough the sugar-free ones can do even more damage because of the artificial sweetener used to sweeten them.

Chocolate candy: It is more dangerous even than the regular ones as chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine that can have an adverse impact on the dog’s kidney, nervous system, and heart.

Coffee candy: Its caffeine content might prove dangerous to the dog especially if it is small in size, leading to symptoms like vomiting, respiratory problems, and restlessness.

Cinnamon candy: Though cinnamon goes down well with dogs when consumed in moderate amounts, sweets made out of it would have a sugar-coating that is again hazardous to the dog’s health.

Candy Corn: Its high content of sugar and artificial coloring makes it an unhealthy food choice for dogs.

Licorice candy: Though you can give it occasionally in small amounts,  over-consumption might increase its blood pressure level and bring about other health concerns. Moreover, if you desire to give them black licorice candy make sure to keep a check on the amount as it contains a chemical named glycyrrhizin that would trigger a lot of health problems when ingested in increased quantities.

Other savories like jelly sweets, gummy bear, peppermint candies, butterscotch candies, horehound candies, maple candies and all other sweet varieties should be avoided.

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