Can Dogs Eat Broccoli

Can Dogs Eat BroccoliYES, it is okay for dogs to have cooked and even raw broccoli in measured amounts, minus the seasoning and frying. Though the entire vegetable can be consumed, it is better to give your pet only the head of the broccoli and not the stalks or stems since they could increase the risk of a choking hazard.

Is broccoli good

This healthy vegetable is good for your dog because of its protein, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, and K), minerals and fiber content.

It is low in sugar (1.7g/100 grams) and sodium (33 mg/100 grams), therefore benefitting dogs suffering from kidney disease and diabetes when added as a part of their diet plan.

The veggie is also known to have anti-cancer properties and can come of help to those with cancer. However, it is safe to talk to the vet who would devise a proper food chart for dogs with such a condition.

How much is safe for your dog

According to Dr. Jerry Klein, the Chief Veterinary Officer of AKC, broccoli is safe when it does not exceed 10% of your dog’s regular intake and toxic if the amount taken crosses 25%.

Irrespective of the 10% rule, it is advisable to reserve broccoli only for treats rather than making it a part of your canine’s daily meal, as the presence of isothiocyanates in the florets could put your dog at a risk of gastric irritation when consumed every day.

When can it be bad

If your dog has TOO much of it regularly and the quantity exceeds the percentage deemed as toxic (>25%), then it would be dangerous and even fatal.

If he hurriedly tries gobbling a large chunk of the stalks or florets, it could obstruct the esophagus and be hazardous mostly for small dogs.

Ways to cook  broccoli for your dog

Broccoli is often teamed with green beans, celery and carrot to make a soup, smoothie or juice and even prepared individually through the processes of steaming or sautéing. Always cut the veggie into bite-sized pieces so that it would be easy for your dog to chew it and the risks of choking would be less.

Recipe1: Steamed broccoli

Steamed broccoli is the safest, also preferred by your four-legged pal because of the soft texture.Can Dogs Eat Steamed Broccoli


  • Steamer basket
  • Saucepan with lid
  • Water
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Broccoli florets


  • Wash the broccoli well
  • Cut it into small chunks and exclude the stalks (to be on the safer side)
  • Fill the saucepan with an inch of water and place the basket within
  • Scatter the broccoli inside the steamer and cover the pot with the lid
  • Cook for 5 to 7 minutes but make sure the crunchiness is retained lest your pooch might not like eating it.

In case you do not have a steamer basket you can use a frying pan or microwave for this purpose.

Recipe2: Homemade chicken, broccoli and rice

Broccoli for Dogs


  • Diced chicken (5 pounds)
  • Raw or cooked whole eggs (5)
  • Cooke white or brown rice (5 cups)
  • Chopped broccoli (3 cups)
  • Olive oil (3 tablespoons)


  • Boil the rice and chicken in a moderately sized pot till the latter is almost cooked
  • Add the broccoli and simmer until the inside of the chicken has attained a white and juicy texture (which means it is cooked)
  • Remove the pot from the fire and give it time to cool
  • Stir well after adding the olive oil and egg

You could feed this to your dog as a wholesome dinner or add a spoonful of it to its kibble. The leftovers can be refrigerated in an airtight container and may last for about five days.

Recipe 3: Cheesy broccoli biscuits

This would be a unique treat only if your pet is lactose tolerant.

Broccoli Dog Treat


  • Shredded cheese (1 cup)
  • Softened butter (1/2 cup)
  • Frozen broccoli florets (14-ounce bag)
  • Milk (1/2 cup)
  • Whole wheat flour (21/2 cup)
  • Shot glass


  • Preheat the oven to a temperature of 350 °F using a parchment paper or baking mat
  • Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and stir well
  • Make small balls by kneading the dough and flatten them on the floured surface using a roller
  • Cut the cookies with the shot glass
  • Now place them on the cookie sheet and bake for approximately 15 minutes
  • Refrigerate once cooled

In conclusion, each dog differs from the other when it comes to adjusting to a particular food. Hence, as the thumb rule goes when introducing something new give a morsel of it at first, monitor your dog and if all goes well continue with the same.

If your dog is vomiting, has diarrhea or shows any other symptom that is not normal after eating broccoli, be prompt in consulting the veterinarian.

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