Can Dogs Eat Sausage

Sausages might be tempting enough for a dog, who cannot stop but glance eagerly at his master’s plate with the expectation of getting a morsel of this delicious food. However, beef, pork, liver, Vienna or any other variations of sausage is not considered to be a healthy option for your four-legged friend.

In fact, a tiny bite or nibble at times may be fine, though refrain from providing him with a full link or patty of sausage or even a platter of sausage balls, or rolls. Prefer giving cooked sausage instead of the raw ones as the latter can contain bacteria like salmonella and E Coli making the dog fall sick. Moreover, adding the sausage grease or juice to your dog’s kibble is also not recommended.

Why can’t dogs eat sausages

  • Sausages are high in spices and seasonings increased consumption of which might lead to an upset stomach or even a severe form of anemia in extreme cases.
  • They have a higher content of fat,  harmful for the dog’s heart health, also leading to obesity.
  • The amount of salt present in sausage is also high.

Can sausage harm a dog

Though eating a tiny bit from your plate is not supposed to pose a threat to your dog, however, if it is not able to settle well in his digestive system, your pet may throw up as well as have diarrhea. In such cases keep him away from food for about 24 hours and give him an adequate amount of water. After his stomach has calmed, you may put him on a bland diet.

You can opt for healthier treats like stuff made from vegetables, treats flavored with bacon strips or fish. Some brands even have dog biscuits smelling similar to sausages.

To make mealtime an exciting one go for homemade sausage patties prepared by mixing ground meat, raw eggs as well as finely chopped vegetables like carrots, beans, etc. Cook in a greased skillet and bake in the oven to a temperature of 350° to make delicious sausage patties and give it to your dog each time you have one.

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