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  1. Gary says:

    I have a one year old scotchi named winston. Hes the best watchdog and is extremely loyal….. god i love my scotchi. Extremely hyper and entertaining dog

  2. Suzy Powell says:

    Love my Scotchi, she is loving sweet, knows my moods, very sensitive furbaby!! She is 1 yr old very smart, I rescued her from abusive home, didn’t take even day to respond to the love at our home!!

    • Kiley says:

      Mine is the same way! She just turned a year old and I noticed she usually just wants to be in the same room but I barely had to work with her to train her at all and I’m pregnant so if I’m upset she responds immediately. She’s by far one of the best dogs I’ve ever had!

      We are considering breeding her since she’s old enough now. I just don’t want to create puppies that are going to end up in a shelter.

  3. Erin Fanning says:

    I’m interested in purchasing a chi/Scott I mix. Do you know any reputable breeders?

  4. Deb Shaw says:

    I have a pup reputed to be a Scottie/chi mix. He’s 15 weeks old and 9 lbs. he has a beard and eyebrows and a mix of smooth and stiffer hairs on his body. Can I send a pic for you to look at?

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