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The Havapoo is a cross between the Havanese and the Poodle (standard, miniature or teacup). Very famous for their cute looks, busy ways and movements, and charming disposition, they are small dogs ideal for almost all types of people and houses. Their curly coat, round button eyes, black nose, hanging ears, and a fluffy tail have all served to their beauty.

Equally famous as the Havapoo is the Cavapoo, a Poodle-King Charles Spaniel cross, though the striking differences between the two are that the latter is more hypoallergenic and expensive than the former.

Havapoo Pictures

Quick Information

Also known asPoovanese, Island Mini Doodle, Havadoodle, Havanesepoo, Havanesedoodle
CoatMedium, Long, Wavy
ColorsRed, brown, black, gray, white, apricot, multi-colored
TypeCompanion dog, Designer dog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Lifespan/Expectancy10 to 12 years
Weight15-45 lbs (when fully grown)
Height (size)Small; 8-15 inches (both male and female)
Personality TraitsLoving, social, affectionate, intelligent, playful, brave
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsYes
Country of OriginUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationACHC, DRA, DDKC, DBR, IDCR

Video: Havapoo Puppy Playing with Toy

Temperament and Behavior

Havapoos are friendly little creatures that are energetic, playful, loving, intelligent, and outgoing. They are very affectionate, and will enjoy spending all of their time with their family, exhibiting great gentleness and intelligence.

However, since small-size dogs often suffer from the ‘small dog syndrome,’ it is wise to put them in homes that have older kids. With their playful instincts, they cherish playing with kids.

They are also good with strangers and wouldn’t be hesitant to bond with them in a short while. Alternately, this behavior makes them less of a watchdog. They are also very much comfortable with small animals and other dogs, and they are more than happy to spend time with different breeds or any species.

Some Havapoos show extrovert behaviors, while others can be docile and cuddly, enjoying most of the time staying close to their families.  They possess incredible sensitivity to voices. This makes them a very precious companion.



These are outdoor dogs, and hence, when indoor, they require some space to run around and play for burning their calories. They are usually active all day, playing with their loved ones. These zealous canines, however, enjoy spending time outdoors. Take them out for a short walk or jog at least once a day, take them to your nearest dog parks to help them release their energy. Allow them to play off-leash if you are living in a house that has a safe enclosure.


Grooming is easy. Like most other non-shedders, it is enough to brush your havapoo twice to thrice a week to ensure cleaning the dead hairs and to prevent the coat from matting. While giving your Havanese a hair cut, seek a professional’s help so that the trimming process can be done in a hassle-free way.

Health Problems

The Havapoos, like most other crosses, are not prone to any breed-specific health problems because of their diverse genetic pool. But they are not immune to genetic issues, though, because cross breeds are often vulnerable to health issues that had earlier affected their parent breeds. General health hazards common to dogs, like dysplasia, dental and ear problems, issues with eye discharge, allergies, etc. should not be ruled out. Get a health history of both its parents from your breeder or rescue. Lastly, it is advised that you arrange for an annual vet checkup and get all its vaccines updated.


The intelligent Havapoo is highly trainable and would go to any extent to please its master. The best way to make your training success is positive reinforcement. Since they are excellent readers of your mind and tone, they will undoubtedly respond in their best possible way to praises and encouragement.

They need a calm and confident owner who would be able to instill authority and praise in proper times and be a leader of its pack. Housetraining, socialization, obedience, and crate training can be taught with patience and perseverance.


Havapoos are high-spirited, and diet plays a very crucial role in dogs of increased energy levels. Make sure your dog is getting the proper, nutritious, high-quality meals daily, rich in minerals and proteins.

86 responses to “Havapoo”

  1. Sam Richmond says:

    Hello we live in Colorado Springs and are looking for a young female Havanese or Havanese mix like a HaverPoo? We want to provide a longing forever home for the little girl.? We have a medium size dog now Jamie who wants a friend to play chase with and snuggle up with. If anyone knows where we can locate one please let us know.

  2. Heather says:

    I’m looking for a small havapoo, female pup. Preferably the chestnut or golden color. Does anyone know of a breeder in the south (AL, TN, GA, etc)? Also would these dogs make a good emotional support dogs?


    Looking for a small havapoo any color. But. Pure white is prefered

    • Silfany Dorsainvil says:

      Hi joe, I have a cream colored hava poo who is 2 year old. That I am looking to sell, if your interested. I am located in NY

  4. Kelley says:

    Does anyone have a severe allergy to dogs, as I do, and had luck (no allergic reaction) to Havapoos? I know they are not supposed to shed, but the dander can be the problem. I have a Bichon that I don’t react to.

  5. Joe says:

    Yes it is. Its maximum size is still small enough to fit inside a plane passenger cabin (depending if the airline allows dogs in cabins, check this before booking). However, it is crucial to make sure to get them used to traveling, perhaps try 1-2 hour flights before moving on the the designated flight time. Hope this helps and all goes well with your dog!

  6. JoAnn says:

    Is the Havapoo a good travel by plane dog? Needs to fit the seat. Looking to adopt after the holidays.

    • Joe says:

      Yes it is. Its maximum size is still small enough to fit inside a plane passenger cabin (depending if the airline allows dogs in cabins, check this before booking). However, it is crucial to make sure to get them used to traveling, perhaps try 1-2 hour flights before moving on the the designated flight time. Hope this helps and all goes well with your dog!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Looking for a Havapoo in NV area. A female, about 1 – 3 years old. Rescue would be our first choice. Can’t afford the breeders fee.

  8. teri says:

    Please HELP me find an affordable female beige or white Havapoo for my daughter that is around $400.00 is this possible IN TEXAS? Please let me know.

  9. Sandra Jennings says:

    I’m a senior (69 years) and my granddaughter’s best friend wants me to adopt her 3 month old havapoo. I previously had a shih/poo who passed away a little over a year ago (she was 10 yrs. old). I live in a house with a fenced front and backyard. My previous pet was 9 months when I got her. Is a havapoo a good pet for a senior?

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi Sandra,
      Havapoos are gentle, affectionate, and friendly little dogs known to get along well with people of all ages, including the elderly adults.

  10. Cindy Bryant says:

    We are looking to purchase a mini Havapoo female in Knoxville, TN area. We could rescue but prefer young.

  11. Maia Stock says:

    looking for an already trained havanese poodle

  12. Jerry says:

    We’re looking for a havapoo mix with a medium size poodle. We live in San Diego. Anyone know of a breeder or trusted source in Southern California?

  13. Jay says:

    We bought a havapoo back in April of this year for $400. He’ll be 7 months old in September. We absolutely love him he’s so full of energy and extremely loving. He loves giving kisses, and cuddling when he’s not running around the house. He’s tiny at only 4lbs, but he is just the most perfect fit for us.

  14. frances smith says:

    we are looking for a puppy in Missouri but it seems to be impossible. we are trying to get one asap because i knoe that they go fast. we would love to have it before august 15

  15. Tam says:

    Just recently bought a Havapoo from the pet store. I had a poodle/mix I rescued from the shelter many years ago and she was such a loving dog and sweetheart. I have allergies really bad so I knew I had to get a dog that did not shed. This havapoo we have is so smart and full of energy I never seen a puppy only 3 months old have so much energy. I never had a boy dog so this is also a change for us but so far so good he is pretty good dog. We go take him for his last shots next week so the potty training can begin…I paid 2k i originally was suppose to buy a shi poo but it was sold before i got there and when I saw him I fell in love.

  16. judi zaches says:

    We are looking for a pup which is a Havapoo with maybe cocker or Australian shepherd thrown in the mix. Small about 20 lbs preferably. We live in Monterey , CA but would be willing to drive up to 100 miles to go see such a puppy.

  17. Willow says:

    I resently adopted a Havapoo, and he is crazy. He won’t lisen, always runs away, and is VERY wild. He was nutered and alomost a year old. He still isn’t potty trained(even though we’ve tried training him) and acts like a crazy puppy. Is this normal for a 1 year old havapoo?

    • Robert Brind says:

      It’s normal for any one year old poorly trained dog. Unfortunately, it takes a quality trainer, which you can become with some work, to retrain somewhat older dogs.

      Use training treats or their favorite toys, balls, frozen green beans, or whatever they seem to want most. Be firm, and never yield the treat unless they follow the command, like sit, or stay. If they come after it prematurely simply put it away out of reach while they watch. Wait ten minutes, come back and try it again. Rinse, wash, repeat until this works.

      Best way to potty train is to literately take them out every three hours and always reward the proper behaviour with a treat. If they go inside the house, don’t yell or physically punish. Just walk them outside immediately. Eventually increase the amount of time between short walks.

      Hope this helps!

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes, this is how our Havapoo was for the 1st year and a half! He is 3 now and has mellowed out a lot!!!????

  18. Ana says:

    How big do Havapos get? Wondering if they are a better fit for our family then Havanese. We are looking for a dog that is over 10 lbs.

  19. laura marmor says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a mini-Hava/poo, having met (and fallen in love with) one of my neighbor’s. Any information on breeders (ideally in the New York area) would be welcome. I wouldn’t at all mind if he/she were a bit older. Thanks.

  20. Teresa says:

    Looking to purchase a havipoo for our little family.
    How much is an appropriate amount to pay?

    • Tiffany says:

      I paid 2000$

      • Standard Poodle Mom says:

        I remember when a mixed puppy would cost $75. People call them “designer breeds” now so they can attach an obnoxious price tag on the puppy. My AKC standard poodle from Champion lines was $2000. As long as people pay this amount for mixed breeds, it will always be. Unfortunate.

    • Wendy says:

      I paid $675 for my male, and he was worth every penny ;0)

    • Sheri says:

      We paid 650 for our havapoo Bailey. Worth every penny!!! She is such a part of our family. We love her to piece’s.

      • Carrie Noteware says:

        I want a small Havapoo(about 2 years old), white or buff. I am ready to walk him or her, but I would like her to be potty trained. I am 72 yrs.old. I need a little buddy!

    • Christa says:

      We paid $500 For our female 12-week-old which I felt was a good deal considering some I’ve seen. We are enamored by her. I’ve never seen a dog who looks or acts like her. My daughter completely adores her. She’s a fluff ball of energy who then konks out randomly for naps. We went back and adopted her laidback, cuddly sister, for which they then gave us a discount. We’re in Missouri.

  21. Lilia says:

    I am looking for mix toy poodle havanese mix young puppy or very young adult dog max 2 years old. Please direct where buy or adopt

  22. Cameron, Marilyn K. says:

    Looking for a mini/toy (6-8 lbs full grown) havapoo with a darker face so the tear stains don’t show. Would take adult rescue dog or pup. Can wait until Mar. 2018. live in Columbia, MO.

  23. Judy Diamond says:

    Single, retired lady living in a condo. Looking for a young, not puppy, Havanese or Havanese/poodle mix to adopt in San Diego.

  24. Nancy Wright says:

    I am getting a Havapoo puppy in a couple of weeks. She will be 9 weeks old. I’m worried about potty training, having her go potty outdoors. Are these dogs easy to potty train. She is going to be small, probably 8 pounds. She is just darling, Mom and Dad have great personalities. I’m just worried about potty training such a small dog.

    • Jaymr says:

      I have had chewie for 2 years. She came to live with is when she was 2 months old. She was very easy to outdoor potty train. Positive reinforcement and patients plays a big part. She got used to going outside and I tried training her to use a “pee pad” but she wanted no part of that. My aunt has her sister and trained her to use a “pee pad” but had difficulty then training to go outside. A treat and love each time consistently should do the trick. They are very easy to train in other things as well. Loves to play fetch. Will sit, lay down, “drop it”, “leave it”, ect… Every time. I ❤️ This breed so much. Loves to cuddle endlessly so hopefully you have lots of time to do that 🙂

  25. Yvette says:

    I would like to give my daughters a havapoo puppy for Christmas. We would love a black female as we fell in love with one we saw recently. We would love her very much. Single mom. Teacher. We live close to school and work so I can come home to visit her if she’s young …

  26. Janici Hickey says:

    looking for name of mini havapoos in the Pacific Northwest

  27. MA says:

    Looking to adopt not purchase a havapoo puppy or dog. Anyone have any information of any please contact me.
    Thank you!

    • Silfany Dorsainvil says:

      If your still looking , I have a Havapoo he is 1 year old and cream colored.

      • Jonathan Pike says:

        Still available? If so, any pics and info appreciated. Also, where are you located?

      • Carrie Richman says:

        Hi! Is your Havapoo still available? I live on Long Island in New York and would love to adopt a Havapoo. Why are you looking to have someone adopt your dog? Thank you!

  28. Joyce Odom says:

    Joyce Charlotte NC
    Looking for a Havapoo female, potty trained, that doesn’t bark a lot that would be happy in a condo building with all old people.

  29. Carol Tietz says:

    We havapoo named Buddy. He was 5 months old when we got him. The people who purchased him no longer wanted him, Buddy is the most lovable little guy. He will be 7mo’s old on the 25th of June. He is eating Nutri Source Premium puppy food. I really want to know what kind of dog food is best for Buddy besides the food he is on. He ONLY WEIGHS 7.7LBS. Also what kind of dry dog food to purchase when he gets older I meant to say Buddy is HAVANESEPoodle mix.Please help us.Thank you

    • Sergey Uhanov (Certified Veterinarian) admin says:

      Hi Carol!
      Look for the words “complete” and “balanced” at the label on the bag of your dog food while choosing the brand to feed your 7-month-old Havapoo. Generally, the best dog foods are high in calcium, protein, and calories. Check if it is a good fit for puppies, adults, or all life stages. Also, examine the ingredient list to avoid allergens that might trigger allergic reactions in Buddy. Talk to your vet for any specific recommendations.

    • Sylvia says:

      We have a Poovanese/Havapoo named Albus and recently started him on a raw food diet. Before, on a kibble diet, he often refused to eat or would only eat if we added things he liked to his food. He hasn’t missed a meal since going raw and his coat is softer and teeth are whiter. The monthly cost of his food is about $27 which is the same as what I was paying in dry kibble. I was giving him a good quality dry food (Acana) and tried a few other better brands, but nothing worked until now. I read on the website that you should feed your dog the best food you can afford, and that makes good sense to me. Do some research on the internet to learn what foods are good for dogs in general and what foods to avoid. You can always supplement your dog’s kibble with some cooked chicken, beef or fish along with eggs, fruits and vegetables. Just don’t mix dry kibble with raw meat. Keep them separate as they digest differently. Wishing you well with Buddy.

  30. Deborah says:

    Help identify my dog. My dog, Buddy, is a rescue from a Bichon rescue but the director said she thinks he’s also Havanese. I am perplexed because he doesn’t seem to fit most Bichon or Havanese traits. For example, he’s 20 lbs. and while he’s super loving to people he really doesn’t like other animals. He attacks dogs at dog parks and it took 2 months for him to get used to our sweet old, docile 10-year-old rescue mutt. He has completely white hair, pink skin with a few black areas on his back. His eyes are a light brown, almost hazel color and his nose is part black but mostly brown. His toenails are pink. His tail is classic bichon and so is his run (which is adorable). I got him when he was 2 and he’s now 4. He’s had difficulty focusing in dog training so we’re no longer doing it. His main obsession is food. I understand he was in a kill shelter before we got him so that might explain his aggressiveness to other dogs and obsession with food. He also growls wildly at feet – and he loves to sleep next to my feet but anytime I move them he growls. I sometimes think of that movie “Lilo and Stich” where the girl thinks she’s found a dog but it’s really an alien. And like Stich, he’s found his home. Any suggestions about what kind of dog this is? I can send a photo but can’t see how to post one in this message.

    • Violet says:

      Try a DNA test! We did this and found our “terrier mix” was a Japanese chin/Yorkie. Looked up the features and traits and it was exact!! Only about $75 or so on amazon.

  31. Michelle says:

    We are in Michigan and are looking for a havapoo to love. Puppy or young dog.

  32. Carol says:


  33. Carol says:

    We are looking for 2 HavapooPuppies we live in Rhode Island. Would like to get them from breeders, so we know they have shots etc. Please contact me.

  34. Betsy Kesler says:

    My Bichon Missy crossed over the rainbow bridge recently. She was 13 & the LOVE OF MY LIFE! I would be ecstatic 2 have a Havapoo rescue. I’m retired & in need of puppy LOVE. PLZ help!

  35. Roberta Marshall says:

    I am looking for a havapoo or sheltie poo Please contact me. I am open to rescue, young adult or puppy.

  36. Penny Messer says:

    We had to put our loving dog down in Nov. He was 15. I would like a small mixed dog, like hava/poo or such. We prefer a male. We have had ShihTzu (which are wonderful) but I want a mixed one now which does not shed, is intelligent and affectionate. We can give it a warm and loving home.

  37. Lorna Danielian says:

    I am very familiar with the Havanesse. Great dogs. I am looking for a mix hava pop puppy or young adult dog. Also would like a brown or fawn and white mixed color dog. My husband And I have lived here in Florida now for one year and we are settled into our home and area. We are longing for a fur baby but do not wish to pay for the prices in pet stores.

  38. Kai Charlton-Gibbs says:

    I’m a veteran suffering from PTSD & really desire a Havapoo or any intelligent, smart, lovable, little darling companion dog ? like one. The process/program through the VA though free for veterans rarely offer these type of breeds. I’ll check with as many agencies locally here in metro Atlanta GA but just wanted to advertise my need. I’m staying inside too much and need a companion to bring me some joy and unconditional love. Thank you.

  39. Barbara MATUS says:

    Im looking for a Havapoo puppy
    In the south Florida area

  40. Joe says:

    My Havapoo is the smartest dog I have ever owned. Not only smart but very sensitive and he watches me constantly lol. Very curious and loves to greet other dogs and every person that he can. Total lapdog when it is cold. I take him everywhere and that is just the way he likes it. I don’t know if it is the Havanese or the Poodle that makes him such a wonderful and entertaining companion. When he plays with a squeak toy he will cut circles and make moves that would cause a pro football player to be envious. Would not trade my buddy for anything. Simply the best.

    • Teri says:

      Oh my goodness,Joe. I was recently surprised by my husband with a havapoo that I describe exactly as you have. He was a rescue and for the life of me i cannot understand why a dog this loving and this intelligent and affectionate could end up in that situation. He stays with me constantly, and my husband has become a little jealous of our closeness. He is extremely loyal and fearless to be so small. I am so blessed to have rid companion

  41. Carolyn Fritz says:

    I’m interested in a Havapoo dog. 4- 7 years old. Would like a female. We had a black male but had to put him down. He had cancer. I would like to adopt a rescue dog if possible. Any help would be wonderful. We live in Port Charlotte, fl.

  42. Fred cincotta says:

    Please help I am not rich to afford a high price dog but I want one for my Wife
    we had to put ours down because of cancer.A small Male dog if possible like a Havenese or shitz zu

    • Cathy says:

      Keep check at your local shelters for adoption. At any given time there are 2 to 3 small breed dogs. And you will be saving a life

    • Tanya Stuart says:

      We just happened to come across a Hava/Poo and she is the most precious little thing. She was 10 months old when we got her. Have had her for a month and she is so happy with us.

      • Wendy Ehrlich says:

        Hi there. Where did you get her? I need a reputable breeder to help me find a Havapoo puppy.

        • NORMA DELPIN says:

          Wendy, if you haven’t obtained a HavaPoo yet, and are still interested, and willing to wait, try the Sunny Day Puppies website. Read all the reviews and enjoy the website.

          • Priya says:


            Am looking for a Havapoo as well. we are in CA. Where can I find one? I have only seen them in Greenfield puppies which I hear is a puppy mill.

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