Egyptian Dog Breeds

The Egyptians are believed to be among the first to recognize a dog’s potential and domesticate it. A ‘pet cemetery’ recently discovered in Egypt contains remains of dogs with cats, and monkeys. Though the number of dogs in the cemetery was few compared to cats, it shows that the Ancient Egyptians were already getting attached to the animal. In fact, there were pet dogs that were mummified when they died to be buried alongside their owners.

Egyptians may also be the first ones to have ‘leashed’ their dogs, as an ancient wall painting from c. 3500 BCE shows a man walking a dog on a leash.

The Egyptian God of the Dead, Anubis, is depicted by a man’s body and a jackal’s head. Though not dogs, his resemblance to breeds like Basenji and the Mexican breed Xoloitzcuintli is undeniable.

Given below are the 7 types of dogs that have originated in Egypt (or in the surrounding regions).

Egyptian Dog Breeds

List of Dog Breeds from Egypt

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