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Designed by crossing the Chow and Siberian Husky, Chusky is a cute-looking, fluffy dog, characterized by a well-proportioned, lean stature, erect, pointed ears, similar to its parents, the Chow-chow like almond-shaped eyes, and a black nose. It also has long and strong legs, along with a feathered tail which points up and curls up to its back. The Chuskies are gradually gaining popularity owing to their cuddly appearance and gentle disposition.

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Quick Information

Also known asChowski
CoatThick, heavy, soft, dense
ColorsRed, Black, White; Cream, Black and Brown; Brown and White;
Group (of Breed)Working Dog
Life Span/Expectancy10 to 13 years
Size and HeightMedium; 18 to 23 inches
Weight40 to 65 pounds
SheddingConstant, Seasonal
Behavioral CharacteristicsAlert, Intelligent, Loyal, Playful, Energetic
Good with ChildrenYes, though adult supervision needed at times
Good with PetsPartially that may improve with socialization
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information IDCR, ACHC, DRA

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Though not much is known about the history of origination of this breed, it may have been designed with the intention of creating dogs having an attractive appearance and working skills of their parents.


The Siberian Husky Chow Chow mix has a loving, affectionate nature, sharing a deep bond of love and affection with the members of its family, also remaining calm till the time they get everyone’s attention.

This strong attachment towards its near and dear ones makes it prone to suffer from pangs of separation anxiety when kept away from them for a prolonged period.

Being a perfect entertainer, these dogs are a fun to have around as they would entertain you to the core with their amusing nature and antics.

Though they are no avid barkers, the Chow Siberian Husky mix are extremely protective about their family, a trait inherited from their Chow Chow parent, raising an alert the moment they sense an intruder or anything unfamiliar approaching close to their household.

Just as their parents, the Chusky also gets along well with children, being their perfect playmate, but an adult supervision is necessary especially for the younger kids to prevent any unpleasant situation.

They generally do not share a very good rapport with other dogs which can however be corrected with proper socialization.



Though full of energy, you may at times spot the Chow Chow-type laziness or laid back nature in them. They might also be active and on their toes like the Husky. Therefore, to ensure physical and mental fitness it is necessary to give them a brisk walk in combination with some play outdoors or indoors like running, fetching etc. As they cannot tolerate hot weather conditions, it is advisable not to take them out when the temperatures are soaring high.


Being heavy and seasonal shedders like the Chow Chow, this breed needs to be brushed at least one time in a week. In the hot months there coats may even be closely trimmed for which a professional groomer would be a good option. These dogs are fond of water and will enjoying a bathing session though it is to be done only when required using a dog shampoo.

Brushing their teeth twice or thrice a week, as well as wiping their eyes and ears on a weekly basis are other hygiene measures that can be taken to ward off infections.

Health Problems

Though they are not afflicted by any known genetic disorders inherited from their parents, some of them might suffer from an uncommon dental ailment where their side teeth may fall out or be missing. In fact, some Chusky puppies may not have their middle teeth right after birth, thus requiring to be put on a special diet.


As these dogs are always eager to please their owners, they are mostly obedient, thus making the training process easier. However, the master should be firm and tactful enough to make the training sessions a positive and fruitful experience.

  • To minimize their bouts of separation anxiety get your Chusky puppy adjusted to his crate. Start with a short span of time and increase the duration gradually. Arrange for a lot of interactive toys that may keep him occupied.
  • These protective dogs need to be acquainted with different people as well as varied situations to help them distinguish the pleasant from the unpleasant, which in turn would prevent them from being indifferent to every stranger.
  • Teach him how to greet people who come into the house, for which a greeting mat would be apt. Make any of your family member to walk in through the main door by knocking at first and teach your pet commands to “sit”, or “lay” on the mat as there is a knock at the door. Once he has calmed down, stroke and speak to him in a comforting way, also reward him for doing a good deed.
  • You can probably teach your playful fellow a game of soccer. Make sure the ball is big enough so that your dog cannot carry it in his mouth. Leave the ball in front of him to explore it and praise your four-legged friend if he begins moving the ball. If he shows little interest encourage him to play with it by rolling it towards him. Regular practice will eventually make your dog dribble with the ball. Give him rewards in the form of treats as he begins fetching the ball that you have kicked at a far distance.


Apart from giving them two and a half to three cups of dry dog food, Chuskies can also be given a fish diet to help retain the oil in their skin. A special liquid diet is needed for those without a middle teeth.

13 responses to “Chusky”

  1. Ron Hafner says:

    Looking for a young Chusky. Prefer a male but a female would be ok.

  2. Carrie says:

    live in Missouri and have a registered beautiful 3 month old chusky puppy for 700. She comes with her shot records. Im around the Springfield area. E mail me

  3. Kenneth Flynn says:

    I had a beautiful Husky-Chow mix that I adopted from my local animal shelter many years ago. She was about 6 months old when I got her and wasn’t to hard to train and never really barked, which I found wonderful. I had her for 12 years before she passed away from old age.
    I’m looking to get another female like her, if at all possible. I have several pictures of her, but I’m looking for a Dark haired Husky-Chow mix, with light color markings, with the floppy ears of a Chow instead of the Standing ones of a Husky. If there are any breeders in Indiana or in the state neighboring it, please contact me.
    I’m looking for another companion pup, not one that’ll be seen at a dog show, nor will I be joining any of the shows either. That being said I’m not looking to spend an arm and a leg either. I’ve seen some crazy prices out there, people asking $1,200+ for a pup. I’d even be willing to buy runt of the litter at reduced price without papers for it as well.

    Thank you for your time,

  4. Mary Capp says:

    I am seriously searching for a Chusky. Anyone have information of some close to Birmingham, Alabama?

  5. Cindy says:

    I am looking for a Chusky puppy in the Phoenix area. Can anyone let me know if they know if there is a breeder locally? Or is someone has a new litter of Chusky puppies and is looking to sell any of them.
    I am looking for a male puppy 4-8 weeks old.

  6. Gordon says:

    I can’t find a Chusky breeder anywhere! Can anyone help?

    • Linda Bruce says:

      I rescued a Chusky. The most beautiful little dog and funny,at 2.5 months. She was abandoned by previous owner . I own a German Shepherd and Jack Russell mix and trained both myself for the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam and both passed their first try. With that said,this breed IS NOT FOR FIRST TIME OR INEXPERIENCED dog owners!!! My vet had her tested for various canine diseases and asked to test for breed and this is how we found out she was 50/50 Chow Chow,Siberian Husky. We saw the husky is what she looks like but the fur and color not so much, cream with a reddish blonde color down center back an tips of ears and amber eyes,she was white when we first rescued her. This is a smart dog but not dog friendly or other animals period. She is tolerate with GSD cause he is much bigger but very dominate with female Jack Russell . Good with kids,loves them people to as well as strangers but will need to be on leash because pretty sure she’d run chasing something and just keep going. Difficult to housebreak but is now with a lot of frustration, severe separation anxiety ,really bad,tore up 2 metal crates. They are the softest furriest funny dogs but stout and strong about 50 lbs females l,males larger they are medium size but again strong. This is not a cute lap dog and not a dog that is left alone a good deal. Save yourself heartbreak if you’re not very experienced with dogs and if you can’t afford doggy daycare while working I would not get one otherwise one of the prettiest,softest funniest loving dogs that does like to chew and owners stuff,big stuff I never had dogs chew so much and she can climb counters and no amount of bad dog or time outs do when she nuts up and decides she wants to. This dog has chewed up more stuff in her 4.5 mos with us than the other 2 that are 5 and 7 yrs old,combined! She has elk horns ,kong balls,toys but she’ll get something she shouldn’t if she’s upset especially if left by owner. They are grazers when eating much like Huskies but if other dogs around will gobble food up and looking for more 30 minutes later. Don’t let the cuteness lure you into a bad situation if not much experience owning and caring for dogs otherwise they are unique,smart great with kids,adults and clean dogs not smelly and once house broke picky where they potty outside prefer in woods ,leafy areas ours gives a whole new meaning about poop rolling down hill. Good Luck!

  7. Dylan Mathis says:

    Myself, is looking for a buddy to keep myself accompanied. I never owned a dog. But I’m looking forward to getting one soon.

  8. Paul Grondin says:

    Hello my name is Paul Grondin and I am interested in a female chusky puppy. I had a husky for 14 years her name is Bella and she was my best friend and she past away from a heart attack in my arms. I miss her and I would like a new best friend. please let me know.

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