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  1. Mansi Dabas says:

    i would like to purchase the bea tzu dog

  2. Makenzie says:

    Is it safe to breed this on your own if the female is shihtzu? Or would the beagle be too big, causing the babies to be unsafe for my dog to give birth to?

    • channah says:

      Mine gave birth in dec. She had no issues at all. The momma was shih-tzu and father was beagle. Birth was smooth and she had no problems. We were with her entire time. I knew she was in labor because she started panting a lot.

    • Alex says:

      My Shih tzu is female and had pups by a beagle. Her pregnancy was rough. She lost the entire first liter. She kept getting into our neighbors fence.. got pregnant with again and had all 6. But the birth was hard on her I was worried she wasn’t going to make it. But she did. She ended up getting an infection in her nipples too and I had to finish the pups with a bottle. All of them came out healthy. I guess it really just depends

  3. kreone says:

    I have a crossbreed dog. Shih tzu and beagle shes already 8months I have no idea if she can mate with other dogs I don’t see any sign. What can I do can you help me

  4. Kay says:

    My pup is a bea-tzu. He is very energetic and loves to eat. The only problem we have had with him is potty training. He is very stubborn. We have tried positive reinforcement and letting him know that he is in trouble. It’s taking a while. He will be seven months old soon. Otherwise he is a perfect dog!

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