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Can Dogs eat Candy

Eating candies of any variety is a strict no-no for dogs as it is not a good option for them,... 

Can dogs eat noodles

It is a common tendency for dogs to get attracted to human food and attempt a grab at their master’s... 

Can dogs eat barley

Barley an essential cereal grain, is one of the common ingredients in dry dog food of a high quality.... 



The Labradane, a large cross between the purebreds Labrador Retriever and Great Dane, is known for its... 


The Eurasier is a relatively new dog breed of a Spitz variety, developed in Germany by crossing the Chow... 


The Peke-A-Tese is a cross between the Pekingese and Maltese. These are furry-haired dogs, with appealing... 


The Eurohound is a cross between the Alaskan Husky and any of the Pointer dog breeds. Originated in Norway,... 


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