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  1. albert gould says:

    my boy is a aussie retriever. Just hitting his first birthday. I have always been a cat person but i have to admit this is the BEST DOG EVER!!. Super smart, loving as can be, great guard dog!

  2. Janet Schleh says:

    I have some new puppies that will be ready by the end of October (mom is Australian dad is Golden)!

  3. Jamie Flanagan says:

    I’m looking for an Aussie x golden retriever cross – I’m in California
    Had my amazing dog 15 years 70 lb Australian Retriever – fantastic dog

  4. Jake B says:

    Am looking for one of these mixes. Live near Memphis if anyone has them for sale in that area. Thanks.

    • Brandee says:

      I have a momma golden and daddy Aussie due in 2 weeks, ready by labor day. Can send pictures if you send contact info. She is expecting 8-10 puppies. Live in Saint Louis Area but travel to the area for work regularly.

      • Robyn Ricks says:

        Hi, I would love a little girl. Could you send pictures? Thanks!

      • Amy Smith says:

        My Australian Retriever is 4 months old AND ADORABLE. He is solid black with a few white spots on his feet and chest. I would LOVE to see what your puppies look like. He was the only solid colored of 7 puppies. I have a friend who might be interested in one. my email is ams_jls@yahoo.com

      • Adam says:

        Could you email me regarding your puppies? Thank you 🙂 archaloux@gmail.com

      • Lesley Martorano says:

        Hello, My name is Lesley I live in Oregon but grew up in Missouri. I travel to Missouri often to spend time with family so a trip to get a puppy would not be a problem. I am a veterinary technician looking for my next dog. I really want a golden retriever aussie mix. I would love a puppy. I don’t really care whether I get a male or female ( love them all). Thanks for any information you might have. I am really having a hard time finding a pup. Thank you so much, have a good day.

        • Brandee says:

          Hi Lesley,

          Thanks for reaching out. We love our pups, they are super cute and sweet. We have 3 mostly black females left. They have white on chest and paws. They were born on July 17, they will be 7 weeks Labor day weekend. Some say wait until 8 weeks but since you are out of town I can understand needing to come over Labor day and if they are weaned I think it should be ok. If you are still interested, let me know.


          • Lesley Martorano says:

            I would love to see some pictures if you have time. Interesting that they are mostly black, I don’t really care about color, I am more interested in health and temperament. Thank you so much for your quick reply, I will talk with my husband tonight. Thank You 🙂

      • Eileen says:

        Wondering if you have any puppies available … if you do, could you send pictures and pricing? Many thanks!

  5. Beth says:

    I had one of these best dog ever. Would love another

  6. Wendy says:

    When looking for the mixes (such as this) don’t neglect the local shelters that specialize in either one. My Aussie Retriever was listed as a Golden Retriever mix, not as a *breed*. I found him through a Golden Retriever rescue / shelter not far from where I live. (Apparently it was not a *planned* mix of the two breeds.)

  7. amy says:

    looking for a pup male in ohio i have a 6 yr old male golden aussie mix an we love hime would like to find another

  8. Nash Reed says:

    My father’s minnie aussie bred my golden retriever (runt). Anybody ever heard of a mix with a minnie? 5 pups merel 5 black. Can’t wait to see how big they get!

  9. wanda hollins says:

    I live in Mobile Alabama and I’m lookin for a Aussie retriever asap I lost my my merle coated dog on 11-21-16 I’m so hurt and sad her bday were 11/9 and we miss her so much she were sweet intelligent well trained we misses her so much our heart is broken Mobile , Alabama

  10. Barbara Fobare says:

    Looking for a Aussie/Retriever pup in Michigan or the midwest. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • Amy Stevens says:

      Just born on Christmas 2 merle females 4black males and 2 merle males. Will be $300 each and have vaccines. Parents on site.

      • DANIELLE M CRUZ says:

        Very serious! Do you have pictures??

      • Jessica says:

        Hi there. Where are you located? I live just outside of Portland and am looking for a not merle female, as my male is merle and not interested in doing the double merle. Do you plan to breed again in the future?

  11. Sherri says:

    Looking in Colorado for an Aust. Retriever pup.. haven’t seen any of this combo yet.

  12. Christi McRoy says:

    Looking for an Australian Retriever for over a year now since we lost our 14 year old in July 2015

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