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A tiny cross between the Papillon and the Yorkshire Terrier, the Yorkillon is known for its sound personality and devotion to the owner. It has a small, slightly rounded head with a short muzzle that tapers to the nose, medium-sized, round eyes, and large ears that are either erect or dropped. Its ears, chest, back, and tail have an extra frill of hair.

Yorkillon Pictures

Quick Information

Other namesPapillon-Yorkshire Terrier Mix, Papillon-Yorkie Mix, Papiyork, Yorkie Pap, Papa-Shire
CoatStraight, medium, fine
ColorWhite, brown and white, light brown/golden, dark brown/chocolate, black and brown, black
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group of BreedToy
Lifespan12-15 years
Weight3-9 lbs
Size/HeightSmall; about 8-9 inches
TemperamentIntelligent, energetic, playful
Size of Litter2-4 puppies
Good with ChildrenYes
Country Originated inUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationDDKC, IDCR, DBR, DRA, ACHC

Video: Papillon Yorkie Mix Dog Playing in a Crate

Temperament and Behavior

The Yorkillons are described as cheerful and adventurous dogs that are likely to move about nimbly. Although they have plenty of energy to romp around, they can remain calm and happy when sitting or sleeping on their owner’s lap.

These busy and curious pets come in a small and sturdy package, taking seriously their duties as the guardian of the family. Because of their big-dog attitude and super watchdog abilities, the Yorkillons can alert their owners to anything unusual or suspicious in their environment.

Even though the Yorkie/Papillon mix can be sociable, they are initially distrustful of unknown people. They can be trained to get along with strangers and pets, but strict supervision is needed since rambunctious cats or dogs may injure them with their claws.



The Yorkillons are house dogs and are suited to living indoors. However, because of their high energy level, they enjoy running and playing in a fenced yard. Under-exercised and inactive dogs are easily bored, and will display destructive behavior such as jumping on/off the furniture, chewing things in the house, etc. Therefore, the owners have to ensure that their Yorkillons get 15-20 minute walks or playtimes a day.


The Yorkillons’ coat should be brushed 1-2 times a week, as it will distribute the skin oils keeping their skin and fur healthy. They should be bathed only as needed, especially when they have an odor. Like most small dogs, Yorkillons are affected by periodontal diseases, and so brushing their teeth daily will prevent tooth decay.

Health Problems

They are prone to health conditions such as patellar luxation, collapsed trachea, hypoglycemia, allergies, and seizures.


The Yorkie Pap is easy to train because of its smart and obedient nature.

  • Tricks: Since they are lively by nature, the Yorkillons can be encouraged to participate in dog agility. You can use an adjustable bar jump to teach a puppy to jump over an obstacle. Start by keeping the bar at a height few inches above the ground. Guide your dog with a treat, and when it gets accustomed to the procedure, you can raise the bar. Keep practicing until the pup can jump over the bar without knocking it.
  • Socialization: Introduce your pup to a new social activity every week. Instead of taking your Yorkie Pap to a dog park with a sense of expectation that it might make your pet sociable, start by walking your dog around the fence, and let it observe other dogs playing and having fun.


Your Yorkillon’s diet should consist of calorie-dense foods; also provide a fair amount of dry dog food, preferably 1/4-1/2 cups a day.

17 responses to “Yorkillon”

  1. Catherine nemeth says:

    Looking for either a yorkillon or papallion

  2. Robin Huie says:

    I am looking for a Yorkillon. I prefer a female puppy. I am very interested. I live on 5 acres and need a companion for myself. I am disabled but stay active. Please let me know of any that are available and the price. I live in Salem Oregon.

  3. Loretta A Turner says:

    If my Fefe took she will give birth Aug 21 and babies will be ready 6 weeks from then here’s my number can send pic of mom and dad 9105495330 I’m Loretta

  4. Carlyn Braithwaite says:

    Looking for a male Yorkie/Pap (Black) preferred.

    How much?

    Where will he be coming from?

    Send pictures please.

  5. Kate Pegan says:

    My little yorkie papillon past away. I am devastated. She was almost 15 yrs old. She was my baby, my everything. I would love to buy another T cup yorkie papillon puppy. I am looking everywhere but I cannot fined any breeder. I live in Virginia. Please let me know if you know anyone or have any suggestion. Thank you.

  6. susie says:

    I want a Yorkie Pappallian mix, puppy. I just had to put our down and it is still hurting…

  7. Barb Donnelly says:

    Our little Pallion died December 27, 2018. Our hearts are broken. We live on a 16 acre farm in NJ and our seniors. We have grandkids and family. We have always had either a Sheltie or Papillion. We are looking for a small female dog. We are thinking of the York/Pap mix. Please let us know about your breeding. Thanks,

  8. Cathy Sackrison says:

    I will be really interested in a female puppy in the spring.
    Please keep me posted when your puppies arrive. Would be glad to leave s deposits one I see the puppies. I would probable want to drive to pick her up. Th a k you.

  9. Cathy says:

    Where can I find york-pap puppies??
    I live in Minnesota.

  10. Victoria J Aubin says:

    Hi, My gorgeous, tiny Papillon X Yorkie will be expecting her first batch of Yorkillon puppies in January of 2019. My little stud dog is a CKC Reg. Yorkshire Terrier with American champion Pedigree. The breeding of my two dogs is vet approved. My little girl looks like a Papillon & is tri-colour. Maggie is white with golden patches & has a tiny bit of black in tail & on ears. Maggie’s dad was a Golddust Yorkie.

    • Kay Gurnitz says:

      Do you have any female Yorkie and Papillon mixes available? Thank You, Kay Gurnitz

    • Kate Pegan says:

      My love, do you have any puppy left? I would love to have a female puppy. Pleeeeeeas :). I can’t stop crying, I miss her soooo much.

    • WILLIAM LITTLE says:

      We are looking for a yorkie papillon mix. Our fourteen year old just died . Will you have more?

  11. John S. says:

    Am looking for a mature female yorkillon to replace the 13 y/o female that died yesterday . Our hearts are empty.

  12. diane says:

    I am looking for a yorkie papillon

  13. John says:

    Where can I find some?

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