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  1. Loretta A Turner says:

    If my Fefe took she will give birth Aug 21 and babies will be ready 6 weeks from then here’s my number can send pic of mom and dad 9105495330 I’m Loretta

  2. Carlyn Braithwaite says:

    Looking for a male Yorkie/Pap (Black) preferred.

    How much?

    Where will he be coming from?

    Send pictures please.

  3. Kate Pegan says:

    My little yorkie papillon past away. I am devastated. She was almost 15 yrs old. She was my baby, my everything. I would love to buy another T cup yorkie papillon puppy. I am looking everywhere but I cannot fined any breeder. I live in Virginia. Please let me know if you know anyone or have any suggestion. Thank you.

  4. susie says:

    I want a Yorkie Pappallian mix, puppy. I just had to put our down and it is still hurting…

  5. Barb Donnelly says:


    Our little Pallion died December 27, 2018. Our hearts are broken. We live on a 16 acre farm in NJ and our seniors. We have grandkids and family. We have always had either a Sheltie or Papillion. We are looking for a small female dog. We are thinking of the York/Pap mix. Please let us know about your breeding. Thanks,

  6. Cathy Sackrison says:

    I will be really interested in a female puppy in the spring.
    Please keep me posted when your puppies arrive. Would be glad to leave s deposits one I see the puppies. I would probable want to drive to pick her up. Th a k you.

  7. Cathy says:

    Where can I find york-pap puppies??
    I live in Minnesota.

  8. Victoria J Aubin says:

    Hi, My gorgeous, tiny Papillon X Yorkie will be expecting her first batch of Yorkillon puppies in January of 2019. My little stud dog is a CKC Reg. Yorkshire Terrier with American champion Pedigree. The breeding of my two dogs is vet approved. My little girl looks like a Papillon & is tri-colour. Maggie is white with golden patches & has a tiny bit of black in tail & on ears. Maggie’s dad was a Golddust Yorkie.

    • Kay Gurnitz says:

      Do you have any female Yorkie and Papillon mixes available? Thank You, Kay Gurnitz

    • Kate Pegan says:

      My love, do you have any puppy left? I would love to have a female puppy. Pleeeeeeas :). I can’t stop crying, I miss her soooo much.

  9. John S. says:

    Am looking for a mature female yorkillon to replace the 13 y/o female that died yesterday . Our hearts are empty.

  10. diane says:

    I am looking for a yorkie papillon

  11. John says:

    Where can I find some?

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