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  1. Bea Nunn says:

    Looking for rottle in northern ky.

  2. Alberto Moreno says:

    Looking for a rottle in the states.. Close to Ohio

  3. David says:

    Im looking forward to a Dog, my daughter wants one, and ive been looking around. Im in FLORIDA and it gets too Hot for some dogs to deal with.
    I wish i had a Dog from my childhood, it was Brownish Blond and White, maybe 20-35 lbs.. i guess its a Mutt but it was well trained, would protect. I am looking for some slight traits and this Rottle is trainable but slightly bigger than i was thinking but may work. Maybe I’ll get to see one in person.

  4. Polly waite says:

    Hi. I have 3 available. 1 boy that’s sable with phantom markings, his coat is looking like it’ll be long but smooth. 1 boy is black, quite a curly coat, chunky/rottie body and his phantom markings are starting to come through slowly. And 1 girl, black with a shaggy coat, somewhere inbetween curly and straight…her phantom markings are coming through too, she’s also really smart. They’ll be chipped, vaccinated, wormed and vet approved/checked. They’re £1500.
    I’m based in London. I know some comments on here are from the UK and some USA so not sure where you are?

  5. Dave Walters says:

    Looking for a breeder in the Southeast Rottie-poo.We just had to put down our German Sheppard this past week. Wife can not handle the hair, but is a dog lover, like the rest of the family. Planning on our next dog and this bread looks like we need.

    • Polly Waite says:

      Hi. This may be a bit late but if you’re still looking I have 3 adorable rottie/poodle cross puppies that will be ready for their new homes at the end of May. I’m in London. Get in touch for more details if you’re interested. Pollywaite@ymail.com

      • rob hales says:

        Hi, have you still got any poppies left…Regards Rob

      • Chris Mathias says:

        Hi Polly,
        I know this is miles too late – but I am looking for a rottie/poodle cross puppy. I have three dogs right not – a rottie, a poodle and a spanish mastiff. Happy to wait to get the right one. I am based in the SE of England. Do you know anyone who might have one in the next six or eight months?

        • Linda Lowry says:

          Any breeder in the Rocky Mountain area of the US? We had to put our American Bulldog down a few years ago and I’m ready to have a new dog and this is the perfect one I can feel it I’m looking for a black curly hair dog would be great I like the weight I like a big dog please give me an email

  6. CDINO PAPPAS says:

    Anyone of a Rottle breeder?

  7. Amy says:

    Will be having a liter soon. Should be posted on Kijiji Barrie by March !

  8. Audrey says:

    If you find a west coast breeder let me know please

  9. Steve Granahan says:

    Any West Coast Breeders for a Rottie-poo. We are looking for one for family

  10. ALECIA HANSEN says:

    Any GOOD Breaders NY, PA?????

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