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The Norrbottenspets breed is a light, medium sized dog, having a compact, well-muscled body structure. The reasonably large ears, almond, shaped eyes and curled bushy tail resting on the back gives it a robust appearance.

Norrbottenspets Pictures

Quick Information

Alternative names Norrbottenspitz, Nordic. Spitz, Pohjanpystykorva
CoatDense, straight, hard  and lies close to the body
ColorWhite with reddish brown and yellowish red patches
Type Spitz
GroupHunting Dog, Herding Dog
Life Span 12-15 years
Height42 to 46 cm
 WeightMale – 24 to 33lb, Female – 18 to 27 lb
Litter size5- 7 puppies
Temperament Fearless, alert, lively, attentive, confident
Good with ChildrenYes
BarkingHigh pitched loud barking
Competitive Registration Qualification/ InformationNAPR, AKC/FSS, DRA, ACA

 Norrbottenspets 9 Week Old Puppy Playing Video


The Norrbottenspets is known to have originated in the Norrbotten and Lappland/Kainuuland regions of Sweden and Finland respectively, with both the countries arguing regarding the real home of this breed.

Having a highly ancient origin, these fox-like breeds were mentioned about in the 17th century. They had a reputation for being good hunting dogs, their main games including capercaillie, fox, marten, and raccoon.  They were even used for squirrel hunting, particularly at the start of the 20th century when its fur was of immense value.

They were almost extinct by the end of WW1. In 1948, Sweden closed its studbook since very few Norrbottens were left. Few of the dogs were fortunately preserved, but they were located in the far north of the non-Swedish speaking area, kept as companion cum farm dogs. Between the 1950s and 60s, enthusiasts searched for the remaining dogs and commenced a successful breeding program for their revival.

The FCI confirmed a new breed standard in 1966 with the official name Norrbottenpets confirmed. The Swedish Kennel Club accepted the breed registration in 1967 followed by Finland in the year 1973. The breeding of the Norrbottenspets is highly controlled in Finland to ensure a sound health. Only distantly related healthy animals are allowed being bred after careful consideration of breeding consultants.


Norrbottenspets are extremely loyal, affectionate and loving, being greatly attached to their masters, following them almost like their shadow. Their gentle nature towards kids along with their vivacious and playful nature makes them an excellent family companion. Though they would never get aggressive when manhandled by the little ones, these dogs would show their discontent by never playing with them.

They do warn the owners about the approaching strangers but do not qualify for excellent watch dogs since they are very friendly with everyone.

As the dog has a herding background, they easily get along with other dogs and smaller pets.

They are intelligent and active, loving to explore outdoors, being quite content when assigned a task to do rather than sitting idle.

As a hunting dog, bravery is an inherent quality of this breed, as legends elaborate on their feat of saving their masters from the attack of the bear as well as bigger preying animals.



Since it has a gene of hunting and farm dogs, they have high energy levels, suited for people who give more priority to outdoor activities like jogging, hiking or camping. You can take your pet for a long walk every day and give him ample playtime in a fenced yard. Apartment life will only be suitable if it gets proper space to run around and channelize its energy.


Norrbottenspets have a thick double coat and needs little grooming.  Regular brushing helps in removing all the dead hair post shedding. Recurrent bathing isn’t required since it is devoid of doggy smell. Other hygiene measures include brushing its teeth along with cleaning its eyes and ears to keep any infection at bay.

Health Problems

Norrbotten Spitz is a healthy breed with no major health issues.


Since they have a high level of intelligence along with an eagerness to please, their owners would make training an easy task. However, since they get bored easily, owners should implement interesting methods along with positive reinforcement to make training a fulfilling experience.

  • Leash training is a must as they are very athletic with an itch to chase and run.
  • Since they have an inclination to bark, it is essential to give the Norrbottenspets puppies command training in particularly. Teach it to follow the command “Stop” by clapping loudly or making a high-pitched noise whenever it is barking excessively. After it has stopped, utter the command “No” or “Stop”. Repeat this whenever he resorts to barking, and praise him when he follows you.


Feed these dogs high-quality dry food and try incorporating sufficient amount of nutrients in their meal.

Interesting Facts

  • They were known as Pohjanpystykorva in Finland while immigrant farmers called them Norbottens-skollandehund.

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