Jags Goldie
Last updated: 27th October 2022

Molossus of Epirus


Jags Goldie
Last updated: 27th October 2022

The Molossus of Epirus is an ancient breed of large dogs developed for guarding livestock against carnivores like brown bears, European jackals, and wolves in the Epirus region and the surrounding mountains. It comes with a strong, compact torso, long, rectangular head, black nose, small, almond-shaped eyes, medium-sized, triangular ears, muscular neck, well-muscled, deep chest, long, sloping shoulder, straight, vertical, strong-boned legs, and a moderately long tail that is thick at the base.

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Quick Information

Other Names Μολοσσός της Ηπείρου
Coat Fine, smooth
Color Red, yellow, black-striped, black-fire, blond, may have a black mask, white blotch in its chest
Breed Type Purebred
Category Molosser, Pinscher and Schnauzer – Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattle
Lifespan Approximately 15 years
Weight Female: 88-132 lbs
Male: 99-143 lbs
Size Large
Height Female: 25-29 in
Male: 26-30 in
Shedding Unknown
Temperament Intelligent, loyal, affectionate
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Good with Children Requires supervision
Barking Vocal when necessary
Country Originated in Greece
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information FCI, KOE

Video: Molossus of Epirus in a Dog Show


The Molossus dogs were developed by the Molossoi people who lived in the mountainous areas of northern Greece. Raised as a fierce war dog, the Molossus of Epirus were also known for their guarding abilities. During the Classical Period, Alexander the Great took these animals to his expeditions and used them as war dogs for expanding the country’s size.

The present-day Molossers, including the Neapolitan and English Mastiffs, are presumed to have evolved from these Greek Molossus dogs. The “Molossus of Epirus rescue organization” was created in 2006 for preserving the breed and improving its population.

Temperament and Behavior

The Molossus dog’s personality can be described as calm, peaceful, smart, and intensely faithful. It is extremely friendly to its family members but can be suspicious towards anyone it does not know.

Although it is not swift, it has dauntless courage, abundant spirit, and power, making it the ideal guardian of you and your property. Because of its sheer strength and size, you should supervise the interaction between your kids and the Molossus.



Without regular activity, your Molossus can become bored. You may take your dog for a couple of moderately long walks daily, preferably during the morning and evening to prevent it from overheating on hot days.


You may brush its coat using a rubber hound glove on a weekly basis. Wipe it out using a moist washcloth and dry its coat thoroughly. Brush its teeth at least twice or thrice a week and trim its nails when they grow too long.

Health Problems

Since the breed has been developed for thousands of years, the Molossus of Epirus is healthy and enduring. No breed-specific health issues have been reported thus far.


The Molossus of Epirus can be strong-willed and independent at times. Therefore, start training early and be firm, consistent, and gentle in your approach.

You should socialize your Molossus from a young age. Take your pup to as many places as possible where there are other pets and people. It should experience different situations and see various people who wear sunglasses, hats, ties, scarves, umbrellas, or even those who wear perfume.

Train your dog to respond to voice cues or commands like sit, stay, come, leave it, down, etc. You should always reward it with foods and praises when you get good behavior.


Give your dog a high-quality food that has optimal levels of animal-based protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

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