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  1. Gweneth Russcher says:

    I am very interested in a adult mini Labradoodle. Where are you located and what price? I also would like one that doesn’t alot.

  2. david ade says:

    Looking for a F1-B mini female puppy. How much , where and when

  3. Nancy says:

    I am looking for a mini black labradoodle. Please let me know if you have any

    Thank you

  4. joyce sernec says:

    I am looking for a mini Labradoodle

  5. Silvia Pedemonte says:

    We are looking for a mini Labradordoodle puppy. Do you have any with some trained? Where are you located?

  6. Mazzy says:

    Is this dog a boy or a girl

  7. Lucy Uptain says:

    Irene Bolduc, it would be an F2b Labradoodle. Anytime a doodle is back-crossed to a pure poodle that adds the “b” to the number (generation). They would actually be about 85% poodle, 15% lab with this crossing..

  8. Irene Bolduc says:

    can you tell me what lineage a labradoodle is if his mom is f2 labradoodle and father purebred poodle…thank you

    • admin says:

      If a Labradoodle is bred from an F2-Labradoodle and a purebred Poodle, chances are very high that the puppy will get almost the same temperament and features of a Poodle, and less of a Labrador.

  9. sandee says:

    I am interested in a F1B chocolate, light eyed mini/toy labradoodle. Do you have any available or an upcoming litter?

  10. Marinda Smit says:

    We are interested in buying a Labradoodle. What is the availability

  11. Beatriz says:

    We aré looking for a mimi Labradoodle puppy. Where are you located?

  12. Carol Seelman says:

    Where are you situated? What price are you asking for an adult labradoodle? I am interested in an adult dog.


  13. linda bates says:

    They are so adorable how much do mini labradoodles cost?

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