8 responses to “Great Danoodle”

  1. Charles ELLSWORTH says:

    Love to have a Great Dane again, but my wife wants a doodle for the shedding problem. An adult dog would be better.

  2. Denise Demyanovich says:

    Is there a rescue adoption center I should look into.

  3. Mackiedog says:

    i find that Natures recipe fish meal and sweet potatoe suits my dane as she was a rescue and they couldnt get her to eat. she is happy with about a mile walk a day. such a good girl and loves my grandchildren. very loveable and easy to please. loves laying out in the sun. shows no signs of aggression. i think she would sleep through a crisis but i didnt get her for a guard dog.i have my lab for that.

  4. Holly says:

    Umm your using pictures of PURE great danes and saying there “Danoodles” please remove those 2 pics and stop false advertising the dogs i breed PURE danes and this is wrong

  5. My husband and I are interested in a Great Danoodle. We have in the past rescued 2 adult great danes, who are no longer living. We miss them and the activities we did with them. we live in Virginia and loves hiking with them. We also have a havanese 14 year old female who misses her ‘sisters’.
    Do you know of any available great danoodle puppies or adults? We prefer a female.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Katheryn Lockwood if y’all are still interested after all these years in a great Danoodle I have a friend in Oklahoma who has some puppies available

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