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Great Danoodle


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Great Danoodle is a cross breed developed from the standard Poodle and Great Dane. They are known to be devoted, responsive, and loving to their families. This breed has a large stature, with a stout body, sturdy legs, elongated head and muzzle, rounded button-like eyes, a dark triangular nose tip, and a long, hanging tail. Though Great Danoodles frequently inherit the poodle’s curly coat, at times, they also come in short, wiry coats like their Great Dane parents.

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Quick Information

Also known asGreat Danedoodle, Great Danepoo, Danedoodle, Danepoo, Great Dane Poodle Mix
CoatDense, silky, straight, short, long, curly, wiry
ColorsAll colors common to Great Dane and Poodle
TypeWatchdog, Companion Dog
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Life Span/Expectancy8-13 years
Height (Size)Large; 28-30 inches (adult)
Weight90-110 pounds (full grown)
Personality TraitsLoyal, social, energetic, affectionate, intelligent, friendly
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsYes
Climate CompatibilityComfortable in warmer climates
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationDBR

Video: Great Dane Poodle Mix Playing with Small Dog in Dog Park

Temperament and Behavior

They are polite, modest and obedient dogs that would display gentle behavior to all people in general. They have an increased fondness for people but do not show it openly by jumping at or licking them when they arrive. In fact, these friendly dogs can even take time in accepting new people.

Besides being affectionate and caring, they are also smart and intelligent. These dogs are good with kids and the pets in its family. Daneoodles are always eager to please and would cherish the moments with its family members only in return for a little praise and some attention.

The Great Danoodles are responsible pets, and stay loyal throughout their lives. They would guard the house, and bark if they spot any unfamiliar face around. This trait makes them excellent watchdogs. Though their barks are loud, they are not incessant barkers.



Your dog is a ‘big guy,’ and needs some daily exercise and activities. Let them play to their heart’s content, as you keep their leash away for an hour or two in an open area or a yard; and he will be more than pleased if you too participate. Take it out for a couple of daily jogs or walks (of course on a leash this time), mainly, if you find your dog has started gaining some weight.


This breed is a low shedder, and only some basic grooming is enough for them. Brush them two to three times every week, and bathe them once in a while if you think it needs some cleaning. But use a dog shampoo only.

Health Problems

Though no breed-specific problems have been reported, they can inherit issues from both parents including epilepsy, joint dysplasia, patellar luxation, cancer, bloating, Cushing’s disease, Von Willebrand’s disease, Addison’s disease, eye, heart, skin, or even development problems.


Training your Great Danoodle wouldn’t be tough, since it is already obedient, intelligent, and is ready to please you. However, using various treats accompanied by praises would make your task simpler.

  • Utilize your dog’s eagerness to please you by teaching it useful tricks. Train it to collect garbage and put it in the right place. Take your dog to an open space or a yard (if you have one) with some crushed papers, tissues, fruit peels, or the like (so that it understands what ‘garbage’ means), along with a trash bin. Later, throw the items randomly, and command your dog to fetch one of them. Utter a command word like “fetch it,” pointing towards the trash. If your dog fails to understand, pick it up yourself and call your dog there. Offer the trash to it until it grasps it in its mouth. In the same way, go to the garbage bin, and call your dog there, and make it un-grasp it in the bin. Give it a treat immediately, and praise considerably. Repeat the process for a few times, and continue it regularly. Your dog will soon learn to collect trash and keep your house clean.
  • Because your dog loves you a lot and enjoys your company, it is quite likely that separation anxiety might quickly inhibit it. So, before you leave for work, or after return home, do not make a big deal. Stay calm and indifferent, as if, living without you every day for a few hours is a part of its routine. Do not talk, do not touch, nor make any eye contact from 15-20 minutes before you leave, and after you come back.


Considering their size and weight, 4 to 5 cups of good-quality dry dog foods (kibbles), divided into 2-3 meals daily, is enough for them.


8 responses to “Great Danoodle”

  1. Charles ELLSWORTH says:

    Love to have a Great Dane again, but my wife wants a doodle for the shedding problem. An adult dog would be better.

  2. Denise Demyanovich says:

    Is there a rescue adoption center I should look into.

  3. Mackiedog says:

    i find that Natures recipe fish meal and sweet potatoe suits my dane as she was a rescue and they couldnt get her to eat. she is happy with about a mile walk a day. such a good girl and loves my grandchildren. very loveable and easy to please. loves laying out in the sun. shows no signs of aggression. i think she would sleep through a crisis but i didnt get her for a guard dog.i have my lab for that.

  4. Holly says:

    Umm your using pictures of PURE great danes and saying there “Danoodles” please remove those 2 pics and stop false advertising the dogs i breed PURE danes and this is wrong


    My husband and I are interested in a Great Danoodle. We have in the past rescued 2 adult great danes, who are no longer living. We miss them and the activities we did with them. we live in Virginia and loves hiking with them. We also have a havanese 14 year old female who misses her ‘sisters’.
    Do you know of any available great danoodle puppies or adults? We prefer a female.

    • Holly says:

      Hi Katheryn Lockwood if y’all are still interested after all these years in a great Danoodle I have a friend in Oklahoma who has some puppies available

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