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  1. Natalie says:

    This is what my girl is. She’s so majestic and beautiful, with huge erect ears bigger than her head. She’s very wild & headstrong and a lot of training, though. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

    • Jordyn says:

      I just adopted a baby who we think is a Doberman Shepherd, after seeing this video, I’m pretty positive that’s what he is. However, he’s 6 months old and only 33 pounds. He was hit by a car and has had a difficult time gaining weight. He has a giant appetite but can’t seem to keep anything inside (lots of pooping) but He’s getting much much better. Anyone know how big this breed typically gets? Without any weight gain the first few weeks I’d had him, I have no clue how big he may get.

      • Jordyn says:

        I’ve talked to a few vets they say he probably won’t get much bigger…so he must be mixed with something else as well

  2. Mack Keefer says:

    I’m looking for a puppy of this breed near west Virginia I had one before I miss him

  3. Stephanie says:

    Can someone tell me where I can buy one? Anyone in the New England area

    • Terra says:

      If your idea of researching a good breeder is making a random post on a general dog breed website, then you are far from capable of the time, dedication, and energy that owning a mix of two high energy, high intelligence, high drive breeds entails.

      • George says:

        If your idea of making a helpful response that may have a useful effect on the person you’re addressing is to insult them, then you are far from having the ability to make a meaningful contribution in a way that could hep either a potential dog owner, or dogs.

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