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Last updated: 18th October 2022

Corman Shepherd


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Corman Shepherd is a medium to large size designer cross that developed from the German Shepherd (Alsatian Dog) and the Welsh Corgi, a favorite to the Queen of England. With their short legs, long-hanging tail, and an elongated body they stand close to the ground level. They have a broad skull with a dark-tipped muzzle, while the ears are erect and the eyes are dark. With the looks of the G. Shepherd and the stature of the Corgi, these cute canids make good apartment dogs.

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Quick Description

Other Names/Nick Names German Shepherd-Corgi Mix
Coat Dense, average, short
Colors Gold, black, white, brown
Type Watchdog, Guard Dog, Companion Dog
Group (of Breed) Crossbred
Lifespan 10-15 years
Weight 20-70 pounds (both male and female)
Height (Size) Medium;
12-15 inches
Behavioral Traits Alert, friendly, energetic, loyal, intelligent
Good with Children Yes
Good with Pets Yes
Good for New/First-time Owners Yes
Shedding High
Intelligence High
Barking Moderate
Hypoallergenic No
Country of Origin USA

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Temperament and Personality

These dogs are way too smart and intelligent and would go to any extent to please their owners. In fact, very much like their German shepherd parents, they are loyal, dedicated and protective of their family members. This trait, of course, makes them a commendable watch and guard dog as well.

Corman Shepherds are active and energetic with an overall sweet temperament, which also makes them good with kids, other pets, and humans. They are obedient, though but need your care and attention. If you leave it alone regularly for extended periods of time, the result might not be too satisfying, as the dog grows up. Less care might make the dog aggressive.



As an active breed, they need regular exercise schedules. Take it out at least once a day for a half-an-hour walk or a jog. It is fond of you. So your active participation with it in an evening game will also keep it satisfied and prevent any psychological issues in future.


The Corman Shepherds have a dense coat, and they shed. So, a regular brushing, at least five days a week, is required to discard dead hair, as well as for keeping the coat in good shape and maintaining its majestic look. Bathe them if needed. They also grow nails quite quickly and develop pain while walking when they grow long. Make sure you clip them whenever necessary.

Health Problems

These are normally healthy, robust animals, carrying no breed specific concerns. But remember, their parents do suffer from certain issues like obesity, bloating, back and joint pains, eye problems, allergies, and even cancer. So, to ward off possibilities of genetically transmitted diseases, you might want to make an appointment with a good vet at least once a year.


  • Attention is good, but expecting too much of it from you might affect your dog’s mental health. Teach your dog to stay alone from time to time. Begin with 10 minutes. Leave your house to go to the nearest shop to buy something. Increase the time gradually to 20 and then 40 and then an hour. Come back every time, and give a small treat, so your dog would relate your leaving the house with ‘something good to happen’.
  • To prevent your dog from becoming too possessive about you, give it treats and attention when a new person or a fellow pet, or even your child is around. Give it a treat or two (or ask the person for the same), give it a couple of pats, or let it sit close to you. Such actions would help your dog associate the presence of another individual with pleasant things.
  • By nature, they are not aggressive, though, however, to ward off possibilities of your dog ending up showing frequent aggression in future, deliver the obedience training right from puppyhood including the primary ‘stop’, ‘freeze’, ‘come back’ commands, accepting the leash, etc. Kindergarten puppy classes might also help.


¾ to 1½ cups of dry dog food, divided into halves, is enough for a day. Never compromise with the food quality.

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    Im looking for a Corman shepherd Black White color that looks almost like a Corgi.

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