List of Popular Coonhound Mixes

The Coonhound, a popular scent hound, is a passionate hunting dog developed for game animals like raccoons. The mixes, produced by crossing a Coonhound with other purebreds, would possess the high energy level and barking tendencies, alongside the protective instinct of its parent breed. Like any hunting dog, the Coonhound crosses require firm, consistent training and lots of regular exercises.

Coonhound Mixes

Redbone Retriever

1. Redbone Retriever (Redbone Coonhound X Labrador Retriever X Golden Retriever)

Sweet, lovable, and gentle, the Redbone Retriever needs persistent training and early socialization to overcome its chasing instinct.

Redbone Shepherd

2. Redbone Shepherd (Redbone Coonhound X German Shepherd)

It is an intelligent and versatile working dog that inherits the prey drive of its Coonhound parent, and its training can be a challenge for novice owners.

Redbone Coonoodle

3. Redbone Coonoodle (Redbone Coonhound X Poodle)

Fun-loving and eager to please, the Redbone Coonoodle gets along well with other household pets with which it has been raised.

Basset Bluetick

4. Basset Bluetick (Basset Hound X Bluetick Coonhound)

Fast and muscular like its Bluetick parent, the Basset Bluetick makes an excellent housedog that loves its people.

5. Bluetick Coonhound Harrier (Bluetick Coonhound X Harrier)

It has an outgoing and friendly personality, displaying incredible devotion to its people and needing plenty of human attention.

Bluetick Walker

6. Bluetick Walker (Bluetick Coonhound X Treeing Walker Coonhound)

It has the characteristics of a typical hound and may have a barking tendency along with a passion for hunting.

Bluetick Rat Terrier

7. Bluetick Rat Terrier (Bluetick Coonhound X Rat Terrier)

Another easygoing, sweet, and friendly Coonhound mix, the Bluetick Rat Terrier is an intelligent dog that has a preying instinct and a wanderlust potential.

BT Walker

8. BT Walker (Boxer X Treeing Walker Coonhound)

The BT Walker, a high-energy dog, is always on the move and will alert its owner to anyone or anything suspicious.

English Bull-Walker

9. English Bull-Walker (English Bulldog X Treeing Walker Coonhound)

It is a kind, lovable, and gentle designer dog that provides companionship and will do anything to protect its family against danger.

Walker Greyhound

11. Walker Greyhound (Treeing Walker Coonhound X Greyhound)

It is an energetic designer dog that loves to snuggle up next to its people and never misses an opportunity to run in the yard.

In addition to the popular mixes mentioned above, breeders develop many crosses by mating Coonhounds with purebreds including the Beagle, Doberman Pinscher, Border Collie, Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, Blue Heeler, Great Dane, Airedale Terrier, Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Shar Pei, and Great Pyrenees.

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