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  1. sherif khafagy says:

    Hi…Beago Retriever puppies!!! We’ve been looking all over and have no luck finding any. Please help us find a little girl to add to our family.

  2. Emarae says:

    Hello Lisa, we are looking for a Beago breeder. We live in Colorado and are hoping to connect with a breeder for a spring/summer puppy. If anyone in the feed has a reputable breeder please send them or us their contact information. Our email is: emaraegarcia@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance!

  3. ROY ODELL says:

    You have a picture of a “beago” the tan and white dog. He looks just like a dog I lost named ” Hunter” who is about 10 years old now. Please where is this dog, is he for sale or adoption.? I love my dog. Miss my dog.

  4. Caryn jackson says:

    I have a beago female puppy I walk her play out side give her toys but can break her from going un the house is is 11 wks old and has a very strong smell in her pee and poop .what should I do

    • admin says:

      Hi Caryn,
      If your Beago puppy is eliminating in the wrong places, then confinement is possibly the best option. It means you should not allow her to have the full access to your house. If you cannot watch her, then consider putting her in a small room or crate. By confining her to small places at a time, you can easily develop her ‘den instinct’. Keep small crates and barriers in the busiest room in the house so that you can easily keep an eye on your pup and take her outside at specific intervals to pee and potty. When she grows into an adult dog, she will not soil your house because she will see it as her den area.

  5. Abby Ortiz says:

    Hello Lisa! I’m Abby, and I would like to have a Beago puppy mix. I was looking for a Dog breeder of Beago puppies so long! I’m from Beeville, TX, call my dad, our number is 361-343-5299. (At your convinients. Thank you) And at any chance, send me your number

    • Greg says:

      Hi, I am looking for a Beago and wonder if you ever found yours? Did you come across any breeders when you were looking? Any suggestions on where/how to look for our new family member?


  6. Pooja says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Is there a contact number I can reach you at?
    I have been looking for a beago and can’t find any where.

    Any one has any information, please pass on.

  7. Pooja says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I am interested in a beago mix. Can we connect?

  8. James Perample says:

    I, too, am searching for a beagle/retriever mix puppy, peferably female, to adopt. Any info on contacts and/or adoptions would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Shawn says:

    I would love to know when you have another litter of Beago puppys. How can I get in touch with you?

  10. Lori Hahn says:

    Where can you find a breeder for beago puppies? I am interested in finding out more information.

  11. Susan says:

    I am looking for a beago puppy to add to our family!! I am having a hard time finding one. My phone number is 585-690-0232 and also email.

  12. Lori Ouellette says:

    Hi…Hi…Hi…Beago Retriever puppies!!! We’ve been looking all over and have no luck finding any. Please help us find a little girl to add to our family. We live in MA and will drive quite a distance to meet her and her siblings.

    Our phone is: 508/450-2639; or, of course, email. Thank you so much.

  13. R says:

    Hi does the cross breeding reduce the hound smell? We are hopefully adopting a beagle/retriever or labrador from rescue and I was curious about the ‘hound smell’ Thanks x

  14. Leroy Slater says:

    Could you please give me a call. I would be interested in a puppy. 701-226-8688

  15. Karen Reid says:

    Where are you located? I had a beautiful Beago growing up and would love to have another. How much are you selling them for?

  16. Bryan Daniels says:

    please let me know if you have any

    of the litter left,I’m very interested


  17. Bryan says:

    Hi Lisa.came across your post
    and was wondering about your Pet’s
    that you want to find a good home for
    i need one as mine was hit by a hit and run
    she (bailey) was wonderful dog…. they are
    remarkable,sure do wish you have a female?

  18. Nadine Stansbury says:

    I am in interested in seeing you litter, my son’s birthday is on the 18th of OCTOBER it will be a great gift after all there research we,very done we are certain on a beago

  19. Lisa says:

    Hi Sandy! We just had a litter of beautiful Beago pups October 1! If you are interested or have any questions please let me know!

  20. Sandy Maloni says:

    Thank you for the great information. I have been searching for a Beago but the breeders I contacted never heard of mixing those two breeds and didn’t recommend it. Can you tell me where I can find a Beago puppy?
    (We lost our dog, Max, a Brittany, after 13 1/2 wonderful years, on June 30th.)

    • Gerrit Troisi says:

      Hi Sandy ,we rescued a puppy . We did the DNA and it came back beagle & golden retriever mix 50/50 . We love Luke like a child . He’s such a loving family dog . None of us can walk by him without hugging him . Hope you find one there perfect pets. Gerrit & KathyLee Troisi

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