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  1. Margaret LaRae Brown says:

    Our almost 2 1/2 yr old YorkiePoo has become very protective of me and tries to bite my husband if he comes near me when I am seated. She will lunge at him and has bitten me when I tried to intervene. She will also bite me if she is asleep on top of bed covers. She she will bite my leg if it touches her.
    She has not been well socialized with other dogs or people. We are an older couple and do not live near any relatives or friends.
    Medication for “anxiety” has not helped just makes her sleepy.

    Any and all advice will be appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi Larae,
      Identify all the situations that lead to aggression and make sure that access to these circumstances is prevented (by the muzzle, environmental manipulation, or caging). Otherwise, consider controlling your pet when a confrontational circumstance might arise (e.g., by tying down, controlling with a leash and head halter). Avoid these situations to limit her opportunity for more aggressive encounters.

  2. Von says:

    I cannot break my Yorkie poo from using the bathroom on the floor no matter what I’ve done. She will not use a pad or go outdoors. I didn’t give a whole lot for her but enough that I don’t want to give her away. In fact I did do just that. Gave her away only to beg for her back. I missed her so bad cause she has cute little ways, but I’m at my wit’s end with the potty training.

    • Andreas805 says:

      I’ve found that when a dog urinates on the floor inside the house,, I will get a clean puppy pad and use it to soak up the urine, then put the dirty pad on the floor. The dog should smell their urine on the pad and want to urinate on the urine on the pad. You might have to do it a few times. Once the dog has been using the dirty pad try leaving a clean pad it should be eager to use it. When it comes to pooping I don’t do the same thing as I do with urine. My dog won’t poop in the same place she urinated. So I leave a separate clean pad a few feet from the urine pad, it’s a matter of consistency and eventually it works for the rest of the dogs life.

  3. Norleen says:

    I have a Yorkiepoo that is now 5 months amd he weighs 7.3 lb. When I got hom at 9 weeks he was 3 lbs. How big should he get?
    He is black with a touch of tan and looks like so many in the pictures on pinterest

  4. Helaine Berman says:

    My yorkipoo won’t go out when it rains and will sometimes poop in the house. Is there anything you can recommend

    • Cindy Murphy says:

      My yorkipoos will NOT go out in the rain either. And also will go in the house. What has helped me is taking them out one at a time (i have 2) and holding an umbrella over them! In a short time they go outside the range of the umbrella and don’t even seem to notice!

    • Betty says:

      Use Puppy Pads in the house for the dog to go on…

  5. Rhonda says:

    We just got a teacup Yorkiepoo. He’s approx. 10 weeks old. We don’t know how the old owners were with him he eats fine but we are having issues potty training him. I will put him on the pad and he won’t go and just as I turn he will walk over and go on the carpet with his puppy pad right there. How do you suggest we train him to go on the puppy pad. Hes only about a pound and a half and is still getting immunized so it’s not safe for him to go outside the vet said. Thanks. Hpyme2@aol.com

  6. Beverly says:

    Hi I have a yorkiepoo he just turned 4. Since a baby it’s been hard for him to eat since he’s so picky. What food can I give him to eat? He doesn’t like dry or wet food. He would rather starve than eat his food. And my mother doesn’t make it any better that she gives him human food because he cries to her while she eats. What can I do to get him out of that habit of crying for human food and what dog food can I give him. Also potting training was very hard and still is very hard. How can I train him to just “go” in one place?

  7. Stacie says:

    I have a yorkie-poo 1 1/2 years old. Winnie was 6 months old when she came home with us to join our mixed hound/beagle/lab (something), Daisy. I had a 13 yr old Yorkie, Duke, that passed, and left our family -including Daisy- sad, depressed, and lonely. Duke was housebroken early on with occasional potty issues; however I am unable to trust Winnie to not do her business inside. She does go outside and is rewarded when doing so. How do I transition from having pee pads in the house to total outside habits?

    Also, the barking is getting out of hand, both inside and out. It is frequent, sharp, and very annoying to us, and I’m sure our neighbors. The dogs are buddies and play frequently, they have access to a large area within an underground fenced area, and we interact often. Help?

    • admin says:

      Hi Stacie,
      Teach your Winnie to bark on command by practicing the “quiet” command. When your dog barks excessively, say the command in a calm voice. Even if she stops just for taking a breath, praise her and give her a treat, such as a piece of chicken or cheese. Eventually, she will associate stopping her barking with getting a treat. Alternatively, teach her to speak; once she is doing that reliably, instruct her to stop barking using the “quiet” command. As far as her peeing habits are concerned, you may contact a professional dog behaviorist to get the issues resolved.

  8. Molly says:

    My 7 month Yorkie-Poo is exhibiting fear aggression, posturing/aggressive mouthing towards unfamiliar people/other dogs. We got him from a breeder and he has been shy since we brought him home. He has gone through puppy kindergarten for obedience and puppy agility for confidence. We now have an in home Behaviorist due to the issues we’re experiencing. He does great with most kids but is absolutely TERRIFIED of other people. He snapped at me this morning when on a walk and I tried to gently hold his mouth shut to tell him no barking at strangers. The breeder believes he was not well socialized.. we have brought him everywhere with us trying to get him used to people, new places/things/smells, etc. I don’t know what to do anymore. The breeder states she will replace him but I am worried this is something that can be corrected/grown out of but I am also worried this is just his personality. He also bites me A LOT and scolding him by putting him on his back or I’m his crate seems to do nothing at all and he goes back to it. Any advice would really help, thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Molly,
      Desensitization is a possible way by which you can reduce your Yorkiepoo’s fear aggression. Start by breaking down the events that incite his aggression into their discrete components. Pair positive reinforcement like treats or praises with the trigger, slowly establishing an enjoyable association between them. Meanwhile, manage your Yorkiepoo’s environment without pushing him too far. Remember that hostile body language, yelling, or physical correction will escalate your Yorkiepoo’s anxiety and aggression. Talk to your dog’s behaviorist for advice before beginning.

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