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Yorkie Russell


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Last updated: 18th October 2022

The Yorkie Russell is an outcome of crossing the Yorkshire Terrier with the Jack Russel Terrier known for its small size, cute demeanor and fluffy appearance. The dog has a round head, dark eyes, floppy ears, medium muzzle, and a bushy tail. They make great household pets and are suitable for living in apartments.

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Quick Information

Also known asJorkie, Yorkie Jack Russell Mix
CoatLong, smooth, silky, straight
ColorsBlack, White, Black & Tan, Brown
Group (of Breed)Crossbreed
Life Span/Expectancy12 to 16 years
Height (size)Small; 12 inches (maximum)
Weight6-12 pounds (full grown)
Personality TraitsLoving, intelligent, energetic, friendly, playful
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsYes (except for large dogs)
Climate CompatibilityNot good for cold climate
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationDBR, IDCR, ACHC, DDKC, DRA

Video: Yorkie Jack Russell Mix Puppies Playing

Temperament and Behavior

These are dogs known for their friendliness and loyalty, as well as their affection in store for their loved ones. Brimming with energy, they would show the same amount of zeal in the presence of all members in their families, including children.

The Yorkie Russells love attention, and would be sweet to anybody, who would give them some time. Those that are getting little attention from their loved ones can even end up being vocal, and would display their need for love by barking and whining. It might even get bored to the extent of getting destructive. If it is upset, it will signal you by retiring to its bed.

Though this little dog has an  average level of intelligence, they are known to be smart and fearless. They can get along with other dogs, though some can be protective and territorial, and might try to show their dominance in the presence of bigger dogs, especially on meeting them for the first time.



This terrier needs average exercise to burn off their loads of energy. They love running and hopping around the house and garden, and it is your duty to support your dog’s instinct. Take it out for walking or jogging every day.


They shed minimally. Hence, not much clearing up of hair is needed. However, since its coat is prone to get entangled easily, and pick up debris, brush your dog at least thrice a week. But to prevent this, a short hair cut is advisable. Seek help from a professional. You can bathe it with a dog shampoo at times when you feel necessary. Brush its teeth 2 to 3 times weekly. Though Yorkies are hypoallergenic, the Jack Russell Terrier is not and this breed may be moderately suited for those with allergies.

Health Problems

An otherwise hardy breed, the Yorkie Jack Russell mixes at times can develop dental issues, which they often inherit from their Yorkie parents. Joint problems might also be present in some individuals. Be aware of genetic issues.


  • Small Dog Syndrome is not uncommon with dogs of its size. To help them feel safe and comfortable with larger dogs, train them keep ‘distance’ from larger dogs, literally. It is for you to determine the ‘safe’ distance from which your dog feels calm from the larger one (say ‘20 feet’). Once determined, work upon training your dog maintain that minimum (20-feet) distance from the bigger one. Do praise your little one, as and when it succeeds.
  • To minimize separation anxiety engage the pups with such activities and toys that require brain power and thinking, including puzzle toys, buster cubes, kongs, etc. This will help them stay engaged, and at the same time get some good brain exercise.
  • If you think your puppy is seeking for your constant attention, and eventually barking and whining if its demand is not fulfilled, simply begin ignoring it or leave the spot for some time whenever you find such a situation is about to arise. By and by, the pup will come to terms with its attention-seeking behavior.


General high energy diet recommended for other dog breeds of the same size.

40 responses to “Yorkie Russell”

  1. patricia brant says:

    My dame just had six She’s a jorkie her mood was
    Jack Russell her dad Yorkie. The stud I used was a male Yorkie with papers. So the puppies are 3/4 Yorkie 1/4 jack Russell. And the are all doing well. I have two males and four females. Today is april7,2020

    • Francesca says:

      Hi, are your Jorkie puppies for sale? Where are you located?

    • Susan Murkley says:

      Good afternoon

      Where are you located
      Are there any pups still available
      Interested in a male
      Do you have photos

      We just lost our 14 year old Mr. Hoops

  2. Lacy Miller says:

    I have two baby girl Jorkies that were born on Jan 30th the mother is a three pound yorkie.The father is a 10lb J.R.T. both are full blood. contact me if interested . 8018458160

  3. Sophie Walker says:

    that’s my dog

  4. S Grang says:

    We’ve got a 3 year old Jorkie Male, a real faithful but handful pup, who still pinches socks, handkerchiefs, slippers and the TV controller, which he holds sidewards in his mouth s as not to damage the keys.
    One bad trait is to become a Jekkel at night, following a Hyde during the day. Move or get near him, and he bares his teeth and growls, even going for your feet. As a result, he sleeps in a cage. He is also snappy when in a mood, a sign being pinned back ears. He can draw blood and he’s faster than you.

  5. Jon says:

    Mine is 28 lbs!!! And she is by no means fat. She’s the best dog ever, well-behaved, loves to swim, and such a cuddlebug.


    Im looking for a jorky male puppy

  7. Tracy bozeman says:

    Looking for a yorkrussell.had one named charliebear.the love of my life.things havent been the same without him.please and thank you.north of macon.griffin ga

  8. Sita Dean says:

    We have Lola a 13 week joelle, she’s adorable and very feisty with our 50kg German shepherd little & large x very clever & affectionate x loves cuddles walks and brain training x best decision made & good company for our GSD

  9. Sheri says:

    Ended up with my first Jorkie quite by accident. She was a stray dumped near my home. The first time I saw her, I was so impressed with her bravery, determination, and feisty character. She was so obviously a Jack Russell and Yorkie mix. I’ve owned both. The poor little dog battled the cold, big mean dogs, rain, and misery. I finally caught her when she wandered into a home with children. They couldn’t keep her, so I took this little sweetie with me. She is a real handful. Curious, full of energy, and definitely the Queen of the house. She is not actively aggressive with my other 2 small dogs but she can become a real jerk to them if she feels they are taking my time. She is definitely one of the smartest dogs I’ve had BUT she is extremely stubborn. She learns after one demonstration what she wants to learn but refuses if she finds the task beneath her. The poor dog still hides under beds, couches, and anywhere she can’t be found. This is probably left over from the days in the wild when her only defense was to run and hide. Because of her very alpha behavior, I named her Tank. Like a big roaring n your face Tank.

  10. SSTH says:

    I have a Russell Yorkie who is 9months. He is the cutest thing. Its been so HOT and HUMID in VA the past few weeks. I only take him out very early (like 6:30a) to do his business. Its humid but not as hot. But then throughout the day I don’t think its safe for his 10 lb self to be out in that heat & humidity even just to go to the bathroom (plus he’s so nosey and get easily distracted). On the 1st day of the hot weather he was panting within 5mins. I quickly cooled him off in the house and was scared to take him back out in this weather. So throughout the day I have pee pads down. I’m trying to prevent him from getting heat stroke by going out. Has anyone had this issues? We both miss the multiple walks outside, but its way to hot and humid for him. I don’t want him to get sick even if its just for him to do his business. And we don’t have a back yard.

  11. Heather Graham says:

    We are looking for jack russel x yorkie puppy in Jan please?

  12. Jenna says:

    If anyone was wondering these dogs are hypoallergenic if you get the Wired hair kind. They don’t look any different and are easier to take care of (fur wise).

    • Mike says:

      I can 100% confirm that. A friend of mine is so allergic to dogs that she breaks out even being near one. She can love all over my Baudie and never has a problem. Baudie is the cutest, most cuddly, loving animal I have ever owned and would recommend this mix to anyone. He loves other dogs but is always the boss. He loves attention and is very active. He is always on high alert and knows when my neighbors get home 2 houses away. He barks a great deal but that’s just fine with me and he is the destroyer of all socks. He weighs about 10 pounds and recently killed a possum :{( but I love him so much.

  13. Nissa says:

    I have a Yorkie Russel mix. She’s rather small,she has a long body and a bit of a big head in both ways. Her fur is a white and tannish cream color. Down her back,its the tannish cream color,but her neck is split between the colors of white and tannish cream. Her tail is bushy, white on the back, the tan on the front, and shes always wagging it. Her legs are the same color as her back, bit they have white patches as well. She has dark brown eyes,and floppy ears which she gets from the Jack Russel. But the rest of her face comes from the yorkie, though a bit longer than ones face. Shes very easily excited, and when we come home,or we walk out of our rooms in the morning, she comes running up to us and jumps on us,being so happy to see us again. She likes to fight with you, plaufully of course, amd tends to ruin her toyd in one week. Bur we love her anyways. She also loves the rain, and since she knows how to open the backdoor, she comes scrambling in, running in a circle around the room, before bolting back out. She also seems to rhink shes human, as she sits on the couch like one,arm on the armrest, or she’ll walk towards us. Or sometimes she thinks she’s a cat, rubbing against walls and any other surface, and jumping onto tables and shelves. Shes so sweet and we all love her.

  14. Gayle Lancaster says:

    I have a beautiful Yorkie/Jack Russell male. He has long silky hair white with reddish-brown like on the Jack Russell. He is about 4-5 months and all male. He tries to mount our yellow Lab. We were going to have him fixed, but would love to have a pup from him. If you need a stud, we have him

  15. Jan Lloyd says:

    Looking for a Jorkue stud dog. Anyone out there have one? We are based in the UK (Midlands) but could travel

  16. Adolfo says:

    Why Yorkie Russell?
    Why not Jackie? It flows better of the tong and easily identifiable for those who know about dogs

  17. Venus Haney says:

    Looking for a female Jorkie myself. Could someone guide me in the direction for the jacksonvile Florida area. Having a hard time finding a breeder for a jack russell and Yorkshire terrier mix in our area. Thanks for any help.

  18. Jackie and Jedd says:

    I’ve had two before the first Lucky and the second Bubbles and both were great active dogs that walked miles and were great with the neighbours cats, slept with my children and great companions and guard dogs both living until 15&17 respectively and have just had my third named Jedd he has had his second vaccinations today and living on my own since my Husband,s sudden death 10yrs ago I am wondering why I didn’t get Jedd sooner, he isn’t allowed on the bed as yet because he still has the odd accident at night, but you can be sure when I have a few nights accident free he will be coming to lie on the bed with me.He has made me happier in 5weeks than I have been in 10years.??

    • kate norsworthy says:

      I have just had my first Yorkie?Russell Marley after 8 months of morning for my 17 year old Yorkie.

      Hi is now 10 weeks old, sleeps through the night and loves his crate. He uses puppy pads and I am starting the toilet training. He has just had his second inoculation and starts puppy training next week.

      Any advise would be most appreciated as i have never had a puppy before.

      • Elaine says:

        I hope that Marley has settled in well with you. I totally adore my little Hugo who is now about 10 and he adores me too. I will say that he can be very stubborn! He will plant his feet and not move if he doesn’t want to go somewhere. He can also be very demanding if he wants my attention, he can get up on the dining table and lay across my newspaper if he feels I shouldn’t be reading and not giving him attention. He can also be very vocal and loud! So good training is in order to stop barking when people walk past or the pigeons land in the garden. He was very friendly towards other dogs, big or small, which could be a problem if he ran towards another dog. He is wary now as we both got jumped on by a St. Bernard and he was also chased and badly bitten by a little pack of 3 dogs. He will no longer walk anywhere near those areas. I would say that they are very intelligent and you could train him to do many things. Hugo knows the names of dozens of things. Good luck with your bundle of love and fur

      • Tony says:

        I can relate to your mourning. My Yorkie Poo passed at 10 years old after administering heart meds from the vet for a heart murmur. I loved my boy more than most humans and I’ve been so sad since his passing. I recently attained a Jack Yorkie and he’s become so attached to me and has helped me through my mourning. I just got him a week ago at 7 weeks old and up to now, he’s yet to poo poo in the house. He still tinkles 50% of the time on my rug but that’s on me for not paying attention. I take him outside before bedtime, after he wakes up and 1/2 hour after feeding and drinking. I’ll be happy when his bladder gets larger. My Yorkie Poo was smart and this Jack Yorkie appears to be smart too. I say PSSST! loudly to get his attention then I say NO to him to make him stop chewing cords. It also works to get his attention when he’s playing outside. I then call him by his name and he comes. I make him walk out the door to go outside and to come back inside as part of his potty training. Sometimes I carry him outside when he’s in the middle of a tinkle. I think he’ll potty train quickly once he gets use to going outside to do his business and he knows that the door is the way to get there. He’s very sassy and will growl if he doesn’t get his way. He’s definitely an entertaining pup. I think he’s going to be a good companion. My Yorkie Poo was my first love. He was so smart, loving and obedient and I was so proud of him. I think my new Jack Yorkie is going to be all the aforementioned and I’ll love him as much as my boy Gizmo.

    • Dannycaper says:

      I feel the same way. We had 2 poms and both passed away about 7 years ago. It left a serious void in the house…and the kids wanted another dog. We opted this time for a Yorkie/Jack Russell mix…and what a joy she is. Stella has brought so much energy into the house, and the children seem to be constantly engaged with her. I work from home, and she has been great. One of the best decisions we have ever made.

  19. Fernando says:

    Best dog i ever had. So smart loyal and affectionate. He acts like a pup but hes so attentive and always wants to be around you when you are home. Hes also a good guard dog when he hears someone near our house. Highly recommend this breed

  20. says:

    We love r yorkie cross hard work but lluv
    So loveing

  21. Don't wanna answer this says:

    Ugh. I want one so bad and I just need my parents to say yes!!! My birthday is coming up so I’m going to ask as a present, considering there is one at my local shelter right now for a small price. Just wanted to let y’all know.

  22. Sylvia ward says:

    We’ve had our yorkie cross jack russell now for 5years and although naughty chewing etc for the first two years she had calmed down and made one of the best dogs we’ve had so loyal and faithful loves no more than sitting in the room with her dad .would highly recommend this dog as a pet andfandf would definitely have another

    • sue holland says:

      I met my Rosie in the day I got her 4 yrs old and terrified. Too 6 months to totally trust me now 3 years on me an my girl are inseparable. And at 67 myself she keeps me actively young walking 3 miles per day rain or shine tho she is not keen on wet Norfolk england

  23. Lynne M. Staley says:

    I want the yorkie Jack Russell Terrier mix.

  24. lorie rolston says:

    need a yorkie x jack

  25. lorie rolston says:

    need a yorkie russel cross

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