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The Yoranian, also known as Yorkie Pom, is a small cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Pomeranian purebred dogs. It has a compact and well-built structure with long fluffy coat and a feathery tail. This adorable and feisty animal is always affectionate towards its family and makes a great companion to people.

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Quick Information

Other namesYorkshire Terrier-Pomeranian mix, Yorkie Pomeranian mix, Yorky Pom, Yoranian Terrier, Porkie
CoatMedium/short, thick, shiny, wirehaired; also a double coat with silky overcoat and thick undercoat occur
ColorBlack, white, brown, golden/light brown, cream
Breed TypeCrossbreed
Group of BreedToy
Lifespan11-15 years
Weight3-7 lbs
Size/HeightSmall; 6-12 inches
TemperamentLoving, friendly, sweet, energetic, intelligent
Good with ChildrenYes
Country Originated inUSA
Competitive Registration/ Qualification InformationDDKC, DBR, IDCR, DRA, ACHC

Pomeranian Yorkie Mix Puppies Video

Temperament and Behavior

Though the Yoranian is one of the most elegant breeds that attract attention wherever it goes, it is the personality that makes it more endearing to its family. Being fond of attention and human companionship, the dog hates being left alone for long hours.

Its alert and over-protective nature combined with its terrier heritage make it suspicious of intruders, which may cause it to bark at strangers. Despite its small size, the Porkie shows courage and aggression towards other dogs, and will not hesitate to defend its territory from them.

Although it gets along well with kids, interactions with small children should be supervised since it can become irritated even going on to bite if teased or startled.



These pet dogs are always active while indoors, thus keeping them well exercised does not take lots of effort. Though they enjoy several daily walks and playtimes, do not take your Yoranian outdoors when it is too hot or cold. Give it plenty of toys, especially puzzles, and make sure that you rotate them frequently. This will prevent your pet from getting bored easily since it will always have something new to play with.


Brush your Yoranian’s coat at least twice a week with a metal comb and wire slicker brush to distribute its natural oils and prevent the formation of mats or tangles. As part of its grooming process, bathe your Yorkie Pom monthly using a mild shampoo and conditioner to keep its coat shiny. Other grooming requirements include nail care and dental hygiene.

Health Problems

Yoranian owners should be aware of certain health conditions including eye problems (dry eye, tear duct problems, and cataracts), patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, allergies, collapsed trachea, and dental problems.


  • Obedience training: Since the Yoranians could be yappy at times, it is important to teach them when not to bark. As the Yorkie Poms are not known to have long attention spans, use of one short command per training session is recommended. Also, make sure that the training sessions are short.
  • Tricks: Because of their inherent smartness, the Pomeranian-Yorkie mix enjoys learning new tricks. You could teach your pet to perform ‘crawling’, a fun trick that improves its physical fitness. Start by ordering your Yoranian to lie down. Place a treat between your fingers and allow the dog to lick the treat. Make sure that you hold the treat firmly in front of its nose, and then start dragging it along the ground. Reward it with praises and treats as soon as the dog crawls a few feet. Each time you train your dog, try to get it to crawl a longer distance, as this will help it to master the trick.


Though the Yoranians enjoy feeding on wet foods, you should also consider giving your pet dog quality dry foods that support its dental health. The recommended amount of dry food is 1/4-1/2 cup a day.

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  1. Sue Williams says:

    How can I get my yorkiepom from nipping at me.ive tried everything

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    I am very interested to know what you have in puppies a yorkie pom or a yorkiepoo

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    Looking for Pom yorkie mix female breading pourpouses

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    My Yorkshire is going to have a pom mix in a few days

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    Thank you

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    I’m looking for a Yorkie Pomeranian mix

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      Where do you live. Our dog is s parti pomeranian and he bred with my nieces yorkie. I can send a picture of Jupiter the father of the pups. Pups aren’t here yet but within the month.

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    I am looking for a healthy baby 3/5 months female

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