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  1. mimi says:

    Hi All, we rescued a dog many years ago abandoned on the road, thought he was a malamute, and only many years later after Thunder died did we realize he was probably a wolf hybrid. We loved him, and he was the most intelligent dog we had ever had. Despite having house trained every other dog we owned, he could never be house trained and loved to mark the house.If bored, he could chew off the drywall, and we ended up building him and the other dogs an outside yard with a barn, so he had company. He loved the snow, but had bad back hips so he wasn’t into wandering away.He did have a huge prey drive; unlike our other dogs, he could never be trained to leave the cats alone ( they were food) and he also looked at other peoples’ small kids like he thought they might be prey too.We kept him well away from them.
    He was incredibly bright,and when bored liked to tease our poor lab. We respected him and he respected us, but it was more a relationship of choice where he chose us as his group, and he wasn’t interested in either hurting or making friends with our visitors. He was calm and controlled, and bit only two people during our years together; the first was when we found him on the road and a stranger tried to push on his bad hips to get him in the car causing him pain; a single controlled bite, more like a chastisement, and the second when my brother came to visit, who is good with dogs and thought he could tell Thunder where to walk on the lead.( Another single, controlled nip, did not break skin) My brother was not in the pack or a superior as far as Thunder was concerned. Thunder died soon after a rabies vaccine; we found out from a sled dog runner that some of these wolf type breeds can’t handle the rabies vaccine well.His eyes were so intelligent, and it was more like having an equal in the house than a pet.I still miss him.

  2. Barbara Kuniski says:

    I live here in central Florida.
    I had just increased our family by adding to it a malamute/timber wolf pup he is 6wks old , there were a litter of nine all nine had gotten homes . He Is a low content and a beauty. I CAN RECOMMEND A REPUTABLE BREEDER HERE IN CENTRAL FLORIDA ..

  3. Jules says:

    Need help..I have a walamute female Mia. Need guidance…she is 2 yrs old not fixed yet..not sure if I have the right environment for her.Considering a better place for her.Help if you can..

  4. JAMES THOMAS says:

    I had a wolamute when I was a kid. I worked at a vet as a veterinarian assistant. She was one of the best dogs I ever had. She was very well trained and obeyed. She did like to kill possums and raccoons and smaller game. She never are them though. Just killed them and left them on the back porch. She liked to escape. She was eventually killed while I was at work. Been looking for another one like her forever. She would slow dance and shadow box.

  5. Tosha says:

    Hi, I have a walamute her name is Shine. Her ears haven’t stood yet and she’s ten months old.. Is there something I could do naturally to stimulate them to point upwards? And it may just be how hot the climate is here in ms, but she also has short hair and a thin pointy tail… Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. She’s the best “dog” I’ve ever had in my life. She minds well and loves my children. Her and my cat share a large waterbowl and often drink together at the same time (they are besties). I’ve never heard her howl… Yet she talks to me by grunting. Its the coolest thing I’ve ever seen lol.

  6. Donald A Taylor says:

    I have a half Malamute half wolf he’s my best friend

  7. David G says:

    Female,8years,I’m a senior and having to travel more than I want and my girl needs more attention from me instead of a Vet.

  8. Kathy liguori says:

    I have A female malamute wolf. She just turned a year but she’s been fixed. I’d like to be in a group talking to people about this particular fabulous dogs.

  9. Heather W says:

    I had a wolf-dog hybrid. His name was Kodiak. We called him Kodi for short. He was such a big sweetheart! He was very VERY big. We got him when he was a puppy. He was very, very good with my children. He scared my youngest for a while because he was so much bigger than her but we never had any problems with him at all. He did have a bloodcurdling howl though LOL. We did sell him for safety reasons. We had a crazy, CRAZY old man down our road who always pulled out a big shot gun thinking he was a wolf or a coyote trying to get his cattle (even though we explained to him several times he was our pet and had fenced in land) and we were afraid he might shoot towards our children and home so we eventually found him a good home with a man with a malamute. He was an amazing pet and I miss him terribly.

  10. Hector Dones says:

    I am looking for a Malamute wolf puppy low content and I would love to know the price and if you ship to Puerto Rico

  11. Judy Pitolay says:

    We’ve had our Malamute/timberwolf cross for 10 yrs – he is gentle & kind & very good/protective with children & elderly people. He is getting very territorial with his food (understandable), HOWEVER, when mum or dad (me & alpha male) go near his food dishes, he backs off. He’s been well trained – we did the training ourselves. He’s never on a leash. He listens very well. Only time he’s on a leash is when I take him to the vet & that’s a requirement.

    This type of dog needs space (and we have the space for him – 10 acres) he used to run (for miles) always had a tag on him with his name & our phone #.

  12. Kory says:

    I’m interested in breeding my female 27% Timberwolf 73% malimut she will be 2 years November never had puppies just need to find a male prefer the same breeds and persentage

  13. Martha Gray says:

    Actually I had one when my children was very small and she was awesome with them! She was very protective over them. So not understanding why you are saying they aren’t good with children. Ours accepted them as part of her pack basically! Never once offered to bite or harm them in any way unless ypu consider licking them to death harmful! Lol!

    • admin says:

      Your Wolamute probably had more of the Alaskan Malamute blood in her. A well-trained Malamute is known to be patient with kids. You didn’t mention anything about her training regimen! Perhaps, it was her training that taught her to be peaceful. However, what we have referred to in this article is about Wolamutes in general. If Wolamutes are socialized and given obedience training during their puppyhood, the issue could be reduced.

      • Judy Pitolay says:

        we’ve had ours for 10 1/2 years. he has never been destructive. He has never had “puppy training” – we trained him ourselves. he is the best dog ever. wouldn’t have any other. he is very friendly, loves people, howls & growls a lot, other than a few people who are afraid of large dogs, never any issues with him. He is very protective of children and elderly people. And yes, I have to agree – he is NOT a guard dog, by any means.

      • Jeremy says:

        Do you know of anywhere or anyone that sells wolamute pups? Everything I search send me to Wolfhusy pups.com and I hear not so good things about them so I’m 😐

        • Jeff farley says:

          Look at shadow puppies on insta

        • Barbara Kuniski says:

          I live here in central Florida.I had just increased our familyby adding to it a malamute/timber wolf pup he is 6wks old , there were a litter of nine all nine had gotten homes . He I a low content and a beauty . I CAN RECOMMEND A REOUTABLE BREEDER TO YOU HERE IN CENTRAL FLORIDA ..

  14. John says:

    hi I’m John I am looking for a male pup

  15. Malu Gomez says:

    Hello my name is Malu I a 15% Timber Wolf 65% Alaskan Malamute and 20% Siberian Husky this is good dog to have for my two children She’s still a puppy. I believe she’s 8-10 months old I’m just scare little bit because it has wolf on her

    • Ilene says:

      Hi my name is ilene. I would like to know more. Very interested. Can you please send me a picture of her? My son and i are interested on knowing more about her. Please call me at this number: 1-(413)-364-4048, it is my cellphone and it is the best way to get a hold of me.

  16. Sandra cook says:

    Looking for a malamut hybrid

  17. Sandra cook says:

    Looking for a Malamud hybrid for sale

  18. I am very interested in getting a wolfmute pup. I have two full blooded Alaskan malamute’s that they will be with

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